Soyuz “Globus” Mechanical Navigation Computer

Remember: “Globe Theory”

Also, one of the Big Questions RE supposed space flight, rocket launches, etc. is the absolutely total absence of any and all rocket engine noise and roar that surely should have been overwhelmingly loud (and therefore at least somewhat audible in all recordings, completely contrary to all available evidence) given the propinquity of the astronauts and their microphones to the blasting engines.  Had NASA perfected noise cancelation all those decades ago and just never told anybody?

Clearly, massive, expensive, intricate work was put in and machinery exists consistent with such huge undertaking.  If under cover of deception(s), what were the actual goals?  Look at this masterpiece.  Reminds of the Sperry gyroscope and S-band microwave radio(s) investigated (I believe) by the same youtuber.

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