“Reincarney” — Taylor Swift, an interesting gematrical decoding …and more

In a comment left on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_9Jb4ndgOc appears this gem:

Taylor swift = 51 66 the eras tour = 51 66 it released October 13 2023 and I noticed Taylor swift had a 13 made of rhinestones on her guitar, I. also she sold the tickets to children and seniors for $13.13 because “it’s her lucky number” she was born December 13 1989 the movie premiered on October 11 in the grove the grove = 35 46 like catholic Taylor = 35 the eras tour started on march 17th and will end December 8th 2024 the 353rd day of the years which is the 71st prime like Taylor 71. it also has a date numerology of 54 like jesuit order and 74 which is funny because the tour started in Glendale which = 33 her fans are called swifties, swiftie = 44 37 like the date numerology for December 8th 2024 is actually the kill date and 44 64, maybe we see her die next year? it will conclude on December 8th in Vancouver Canada, Vancouver Canada = 89 like the years she was born which multiple of her albums are named after and come up many times. it consisted of 151 shows which is the 36th prime like IHS = 36 Taylor = 35 like the grove and Vancouver Canada = 55 like Satan and she did a tour called “tour in red” 10 years ago so their might be a Satan connection I am missing as well.

Then of course there is this gem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgBp8S04akA

Based on the carnival atmosphere, or perhaps as a twist on ‘carnival workers reincarnating amongst us’, we’re coining another new word, “reincarney”.

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