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NGA wants a global map for ambient sound


APR 30, 2018

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wants to map the world’s ambient sounds.

The NGA Research Directorate’s Environment and Culture pod wants to “leverage new and emerging technologies to characterize spatial-temporal patterns in sounds and develop corresponding foundational geospatial datasets,” the agency said in a request for information.

The same way technology can classify the location and characteristics of gunshots or different species of birds in a small area, NGA wants to be able to use technology to record, classify and map ambient sounds and acoustic features. The automated effort would result in accurate baseline soundscapes for locations worldwide.

Why do you think a gov agency might want to collect this data?


Do Pyramids Have Strange Powers? 7 Day Experiment Reveals SECRET – Praveen Mohan



37:35 “the growth of the seeds [in the stone pyramid for 4 days] is only about half of [the growth of the seeds] in the stone [box]”

1:06:00 “when you look at the potato in the pyramid, you can tell it does not have as much fungal attack as the potato in the stone house; it’s been preserved better”


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