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Interesting find: Q&A all about Gold Leaf —

“Over 200 rappers died [in 2020]; that’s an average of every forty-four hours that’s a dead rapper.”  (34:10 in)  This video is positively stunning, and yet not surprising at all — the music itself, the lyrics, everything, are all composed ‘by the numbers’ — learn how to decode those numbers.


Deep, Broad Connections of 432 Hz — Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

Understanding the Different Types of Acoustical Treatments – Absorption

“Music will get worse” – mind control thru music scale

Tubes vs Transformers – What good tube “tone” looks like

Regarding why semiconductors inherently sound unpleasant when used at audio frequencies

The Peer Review Hypocrisy

Electrically Structured Water


Heavy Metal Music Makes Killer Mice

The three groups of mice were then run through a fixed maze over four weeks. As time progressed, the mice either got faster or slower. “But the interesting thing about the first year I did this project,” David said, “is that I actually had to cut it short, because the heavy metal music had made these mice, who can’t understand words, just the sounds alone had made them so violent, that, within three weeks, there was only one mouse left in the rock group.” … “It was rather interesting, because the mice, they just–they seemed to be so discontent, one with another, and they would separate themselves from the other mice. And then, they’d just turn around, and kill one of the other mice. Whereas, the Classical mice and the Control mice, they were perfectly fine with one another. They didn’t have any problems whatsoever. It was interesting.”