Case Studies

Mike Michne / Early Zausmer BMW 3.0 (in 2021, 25 years on)

re/Building a High-End Car Audio Legend — BMW v3.0

The Michne-Zausmer (MiZa) BMW is the 3rd version of Earl Zausmer’s legendary red BMW. Mike Michne, former owner of Precision Mobile Audio in Clifton Park, New Jersey, is the new owner of MiZa. Mike’s neighbor, Earl Zausmer, will be closely involved with the design and build of MiZa, which is planned to be an updated and ‘open-info’ version of EZ BMW. One major goal of MiZa is to widely share the invigorating experience of high-end sound quality.

Mike & Earl blog their detailed tear-down, clean-up, rethink, rebuild, and rekindling of spectacular autosound quality in this legendary, award-winning autosound system.


GAGA and the Wet Dry Wet Rig, by Dave Garfinkle

Recently I wanted to join the ranks of those who play their effects signal separately from their main signal, the benefits include a better control of the volume of the two signals as well as a huge sound stage. This usually means the time based effects, such as reverb and flanging, Leslie-type Roto sounds, or even chorus…