“Conspiracy Queries” — Baltimore Key Bridge #2 – Mysteries and evidence compound — Was Baltimore Key Bridge destroyed to make way for increased shipping? Analyzing dustified steel, yellow-hot girders, missing girder wreckage below north pillar and more – per anomalies in all videos

This is #2 in a series — Summary + Index — https://soundquality.org/sets#baltimore-key-bridge

From a most-interesting comment — “I notice all those massive steel girders, molten and drooping over the north pillar like wet noodles. All the paint burned off (you can see the yellow-hot flare-ups in the night time video). Almost looks as if they were superheated, maybe by eddy currents induced by a microwave weapon; similar to what was seen in Lahaina steel similarly superheated and melted. Why would this have been done? The existing pillars couldn’t be moved and were preventing widening of channel. Replacement bridge will be taller and have much wider footings allow wider channel allowing more vessel traffic. Short-term so much payola to be made in salvage, redesign and build! Maryland bridge budget had been slashed about $60 mil before this perfect coincidunce came about…”



RE melted girders draped like wet noodles over the northern pillar not reportedly hit by anything; below is one of the best images I’ve found so far.  Notice the presumably once uniform anti-rust protective grey paint (as is applied to all the rest of the bridge) seems to have been removed, almost boiled-away, perhaps by steel superheated by eddy currents induced in that steel from microwave energy.  Otherworldly, but it’s a working hypothesis.  What can better explain the physical evidence?  Read on.

Many massive steel truss girders held up Key Bridge for decades, suddenly melted, wilted, draped over the north support pillar like wet noodles; all grey paint burned or boiled away — was the steel superheated by eddy currents induced by directed energy weapons attack?  Yellow-hot molten metal was visibly spewing forth on both sides of this north bridge support pillar in the perfectly-lit, perfectly-framed, perfectly-timed “Zapruder 2.0” footage that perfectly captured the entire event.  Was that molten metal cause of effect?



Seems odd, no? The first super-crane (which was photographed just south of the nearby Chesapeake Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the initial impact at Key Bridge, perhaps suggesting pre-marshalling of resources) to arrive was anchored nearest the north pillar (with its oddly “molten” draping girders) on the side in fact furthest from the deep shipping channel (and DALI ship) whose prioritized attendance seemingly would be far more economically important.

Tough to get near enough to the disaster site on the shore; nearest spot east (having best view of the north pillar’s draped/melted steel girders) is on Sparrows Point, see bridge too distant (even for super zoom 1000mm) in the background; I may try Fort Armistead but that was used as command staging so is probably cordoned; also, drone-free zone reportedly established around the site (like at Lahaina); maybe a chartered boat could allow better vantage.

Curious that the super crane was sent to the northern pillar first, before the much more economically important southern pillar where the ship is lodged nearest the deep shipping channel.

Did you hear the Army Colonel Estee Pinchasin invoke 911 catchphrase of “pancaked” wreckage underwater while showing the channel practically already clear per the underwater wreckage that appears on SONAR+LIDAR as having ‘melted’ down, pancaked down into itself (other parts covered by strange debris). That appears around 0:45 into this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP1aLgvDo4Q (which curiously is Dallas/FTW local news, not local Baltimore)

BTW, I saw that super crane (and at least one other) moored just south-east of and immediately adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge not even 24 hours after the Key bridge impact, as if the event had been pre-staged, the cranes already nearby. I haven’t heard (yet) about FEMA or any nearby ship-destroys-bridge training operation, like in so many mass shootings and wildfires.

Meanwhile, the weird anomalies of this event are piling up (er, pun).




Magical story around Baltimore Key Bridge getting weirder by the day — per Army presentation and Navy SONAR+LIDAR, the submerged girders appear to have “pancaked” already largely clearing the deep channel … WTH? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onFRn0wCg0A — “disappeared into the mud” he actually says that around 1:00 in — they’re literally shaping the story up to be like the jetliner flight 93 that disappeared into the soft earth in Shanksville. Another mind-shanking underway!  That official imagery shows literally the sunken roadway but sans any truss girders overlaid as would be expected in every sane universe.  This amounts, apparently, to ‘impossibly’ absent material, much like the WTC towers that mostly turned into dust thus accounting for the stark absence of the expected eleven stories worth of densely-pancaked fallen material.

The yipyap about the steel truss girders “burying themselves in the mud” is stupefyingly inconsistent with the undeniable fact that the roadway was suspended below the truss work, yet the submerged roadway is clearly visible in the SONAR+LIDAR imagery, meaning that the truss work, to be genuinely “buried in the mud,” would have had to somehow fallen through the visibly still intact road surface.  The hypothesis of nonexistent truss work due to dustification is based on readily verifiable disintegration of metal by military exotic weaponry (“DEW” or directed energy weapons) — see https://deps.org and https://dsiac.org — see also Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, primary manufacturers of exotic energy beam weaponry.

Note that this is the area directly under where “dustification” of steel girders is visible in all video footage. Maybe the “missing girders” really did get turned into dust by an energy beam weapon; otherwise, where is it? I’m betting that final recovery reveals material is indeed missing.


At exactly 10:32 into this video, you can step-thru frame-by-frame (pause playback then use period and comma keys to step) to see some of the girders at the north pillar appear to turn into dust as they fall, just like the core columns at WTC in 2001 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPoM_9IWLLU — this area (immediately image-left of the rightmost pillar) is precisely above the LIDAR+SONAR images shown above, likely explaining what happened to the truss girders — they were turned into dust, like so much of the material at the WTC on 911.

Steel girders up-top appearing to turn into dust, as the north pillar see-saws


Below, at WTC on 911, the massive industrial steel girders turn into dust in real-time and blow away.  Compared to the footage of Baltimore’s Key Bridge, the apparent “dustification” of steel (as originally named by Dr Judy Wood) is troublingly similar if not identical.

Solid steel core girders turn into dust whilst falling — “dustification” ostensibly caused by directed energy weapons, verified by Lockheed Martin DEW advertising; see also HUTCHISON EFFECT

BELOW: Upon closer, critical inspection — stepping thru the video frames one-by-one (pause playback, then use period and comma keys to step) shows what appears to be exactly the same dustification of steel girders at the north support pillar of the Baltimore Key Bridge.  Note the first of the three images shows solid, black/silhouetted steel.  The second image shows partial dustification, and the third image shows near total dustification of what had been, less than one-second earlier, solid black/silhouetted steel girders.

Toppling lower steel girders just south (image-left) of north tower (rightmost visible in image) appear to turn into dust whilst falling, similar to core columns at WTC. Here, lower girders appear intact.

Toppling lower steel girders just south (image-left) of north tower (rightmost visible in image) appear to turn into dust whilst falling, similar to core columns at WTC. Steel girders underneath, appearing to turn into dust, as the north pillar see-saws.


Toppling lower steel girders just south (image-left) of north tower (rightmost visible in image) appear to turn into dust whilst falling, similar to core columns at WTC. Here, lower girders no longer appear solid but instead perhaps “dustified”.

Also there appears yellow-shimmery molten metal, again just like at WTC.  The “yellow hot” “molten metal” appears to the lower right of the right-most pillar in this next image.  The second image below shows the same “yellow hot” “molten metal” appearing this time to the left of the right-most pillar.  It appears that we are witnessing the melting of the supportive steel girders and the ‘boiling away’ of their anti-rust grey paint.  Daytime aftermath images show the resulting molten steel girders, wilted, draping over top of the north pillar.  Yes, the destruction does appear ‘otherworldly’.  As on 911, we are (hypothetically) witnessing use of a new kind of weaponry.

Yellow-hot glimmer of melting girders, just to the east (image-right) of north pillar (rightmost in image). Several frames show a progression of the yellow-hot anomaly. Same anomaly also appears at south pillar / ship impact, the only other location seen of severely “wilted” steel girders — energy weapon?


Yellow-hot glimmer of melting girders, just to the west (image-left) of north pillar (rightmost in image). Several frames show a progression of the yellow-hot anomaly. Same anomaly also appears at south pillar / ship impact, the only other location seen of severely “wilted” steel girders — energy weapon?

Daytime aftermath videos show molten girders draped over north pillar.  The draped girders appear to have been “boiled” brown, all anti-rust grey paint uniformly absent, consistent with supposed ‘super-heating’ of the steel, possibly by physical bending force (though interesting that the bending (wilting?) caused no cracks in the metal) or possibly by directed energy (which appears consistent with other wilted, severely deformed and apparently super-heated steel, particularly in Paradise, California wildfires and also at Lahaina, Hawaii).

Daytime aftermath videos show molten girders draped over north pillar.  The draped girders appear to have been “boiled” brown, all grey paint gone, consistent with supposed ‘super-heating’ of the steel

Of course the pre-presence of the cranes and the apparent exotic-weaponry-onslaught indicate a purposeful take-down of the Baltimore Key Bridge, promptly and wholly accomplishing what otherwise would have been a political and economic impossibility.

Under scrutiny, there’s lots more gone on here than the massmediot is spewing.




To tie all this ‘conspiracy’ stuff back around into economics and Investments —
Overhead LIDAR shows a dredged deep channel limited in width by north and south pillars of the Key Bridge (the dredged channel can’t get any nearer to either the south or north main pillar footings; interesting that the channel actually goes slightly nearer to the north pillar).
Also note that the two main support pillars are concrete and steel all the way underwater; there is absolutely no surrounding “island of rocks” or protective “dolpins” or anything else — just the supports alone.  The “splash” at the water-line shown in the initial impact therefore can not be due to the ship’s keel impacting any protective “island”; however, it could be the result of the ship’s bow keel-bulb plowing into the southern edge of the shipping channel.  The ship’s plowing into the shipping channel edge could also explain its abrupt deceleration.  Note that all video of the port-side anchor reportedly dropped before impact with bridge pillar, instead of showing the anchor chain yanked rearward as would be expected from the anchor being towed, the anchor chain instead flows vertically, as if the anchor had been dropped after impact, after the ship had basically lodged itself into the shipping channel embankment and, unfortunately, the southern main bridge support pillar.  Hopefully forthcoming SONAR+LIDAR imagery showing the bow and impact area will clarify.
LIDAR of Baltimore Key Bridge reveals “choke point” due to bridge support pillar footings being too near present channel, thus preventing shipping channel from being widened — was Key Bridge destroyed in part or whole to make way for larger suspension bridge having much wider footing allowing bi-directional use of shipping lane through a wider channel?  Note also the several pylons and surrounds acting as protective “dolphins” that the cargo-ship-aka-floating-missile perfectly avoided along its near-perfect direct-hit path.
Meanwhile, news stories over past several years have noted sharply increased Baltimore shipping, importance, value. Also, cargo ships only getting larger.
Clearly, the Key Bridge supports prevented widening of the channel and thus presented an insurmountable obstacle to increased shipping traffic.
Was the Key Bridge destroyed in whole or part to ‘clear the way’ for what will be its much taller replacement suspension bridge (having its footings much further apart, allowing wider dredged channel, allowing more/quicker shipping)?
I’m betting on increased Baltimore shipping traffic thanks to a much taller, bigger, wider-footed replacement bridge.
Out with “Francis Scott Key” and some more American history, too! Any guesses on the replacement name?
WHO — RE cleanup, salvage, design, rebuild —
It will be interesting to look into the contract bidding for
(1) shipping channel clearing and enlargement;
(2) steel removal / salvage yard;
(3) architectural firms designing replacement suspension bridge having much wider spans and higher deck;
(4) supplier and builder for (3).
RE (2): Sparrows Point will most likely be used — Michael Moore is the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Tradepoint Atlantic. He oversees legal affairs, risk management, government relations, and community affairs for the company. Moore has extensive experience in corporate law, real estate development, and public-private partnerships, making him a key figure in Tradepoint Atlantic’s leadership team. However, it’s important to note that there may be other individuals with the same name, so specific details about Michael Moore’s background and role at Tradepoint Atlantic should be verified through official sources or the company’s website.

Sadly, if this hypothesis proves accurate, instead of admitting their trick and being caught, the powers that perpetrated this suspected scheme will press-on without acknowledgment nor explanation.  The immediate gains will be made, presumably, by cronies and/or involvement in nearby salvage (Sparrows Point) and then also in redesign/rebuild; later, additional gains will go to the wealthy shareholders of the ever-growing shipping vessels and companies.  Maritime insurance laws will obfuscate (and possibly preclude) recovery of any funds outlaid, such as the $60 million already promised (and apparently outlaid) by the federal government.  If the cleanup/recovery requires another $600 million, and the new bridge costs $6 billion, there would be the expected hallmark “666”. (six billion, six hundred and sixty million)

Oprah, who figured in the Lahaina oddities, is a public supporter of Maryland Governor Wes Moore.  Coincidentally, Sparrows Point’s Tradepoint Atlantic former CEO and major force behind its redevelopment is named Michael E Moore.  The non-randomly, non-coincidentally intertwined personages are expected to matter mightily in this unfolding debacle.



Gematrical decoding per Manly P Hall — Let’s examine ‘the matrix’ of numerology — correlating and connecting words/thoughts by numbers —

Zachary K Hubbard / Gematria Effect News 25 offers a gematrical view — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBcTehZRZZo

3 days before its demise, 23 March 2024, Key Bridge had just celebrated its 47th birthday.

The Key Bridge southern edge of toppled girders at highway mile marker 48.4

Key Bridge = 86

Key Bridge falls 86th day of the year, on birthday of Nancy Pelosi.

(Pelosi family matters because Nancy Pelosi’s brother (and father) were previously Mayors of Baltimore.  Also, Baltimore is a major ‘foothold’ in America of Catholicism, Jesuitry, Vaticana.  Nancy Pelosi’s brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III, was involved in Baltimore politics and served as the Mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., who was also a prominent figure in Baltimore politics and served as the city’s mayor from 1947 to 1959.  During his tenure as mayor, Thomas D’Alesandro III focused on issues such as urban renewal, civil rights, and improving city infrastructure. He implemented policies aimed at revitalizing neighborhoods, attracting businesses, and addressing social and economic challenges facing Baltimore at the time. D’Alesandro’s political career in Baltimore reflects his family’s longstanding involvement and influence in the city’s political landscape.  Key bridge construction began in 1972, just after the reign of Nancy Pelosi’s brother as Mayor of Baltimore, making him likely involved with its planning.)

Nancy Pelosi began her Asian tour in Singapore (home of Dali owner) on Francis Scott Key’s birthday, 86 weeks (and 1 day) prior to the Key Bridge falling.

Each added “coincidence” reduces by orders of magnitude the likelihood of pure chance.

Water temperature was 47 degrees F at time of allision.

FSK channel begins at mile marker 47.9 (northern edge of shipping channel).

Spooky — look at the words/thoughts connected and correlated by numbers at the bottom of each image —

In a kind of ley-line technique to bind words and thoughts, words and phrases are rulefully reduced to four numbers, and these numbers are compared among suspected related words.  Matches in this numerical web are thought to highlight intrigue beyond mere coincidence.

Below, “steel truss”, “inner harbor” and “salvage” relate via the number 67.

Oprah, who has been considered by some online as possibly somehow involved in the odd wildfire intrigues that destroyed specific parts of Lahaina, Hawaii, numerically conects to “economic impact” and also “energy weapons”.  Overwhelming chances are that your name, nickname and probably nothing really about you numerically matches to “energy weapons”.  And, if something about you does happen to match numerically via 67, it will even more likely be completely irrelevant to “energy weapons”.  Connection then context is what is sought; this is suggested to evidence correlation.

ABOVE: Note that in maritime lingo, “allision” indicates ship hitting non-moving object: pier, pillar, dock, etc.  “Collision” indicates two moving objects: ship, boat, iceberg.

“usaf amos” refers to US Air Force AMOS directed energy weapons lab located on the high ridge of Maui island within view of Lahaina, Hawaii.



Note that Peggy Hall of The Healthy American has done several informative videos on the growing intrigue miring the Key Bridge destruction — Here is my commentary of her ongoing excellent reporting and analyses —



Another early analysis calling out anomalies and gematria of this ritual —
(This video offers some other great gematrial decodes — so nice to see!!)
Baltimore Ravens team defeated on Jan 28.
Bridge collapse happened at 1:28am.

(The titanic hit iceberg at 128 am)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pG6aKOc_mg — The nighttime collapse video, stepped thru frame by frame, shows the ‘yellow hot’ metal presumably superheating from microwave weaponry and burning off the grey anti-rust paint, twice, one per each side of the north pillar. Spooky. Key Bridge pillars were too narrow for increasing shipping (channel width already maxxed out) and could not be moved; bridge was downed to make way for much taller replacement with wider footings sans public outcry or political backlash (in fact, there is clamor (and funding) for new, bigger, taller, wider, more!), allowing wider channel for more bigger faster shipping. Problem perfectly solved. Payola via clean-up, redesign/build, Tradepoint Atlantic / Sparrows Point, etc. Celebrities and officials possibly 2 or 3 degrees of separation. May revise with coming data. Bet big on Baltimore. “

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    • Any apprehension is due primarily to fluidity and uncertainty of the information, which innundates daily. I’ll keep at it, discerning, filtering, adding, clarifying.

  2. Super-interesting that a few hours after I first posted this, youtuber Sal Mercagliano posted video on “maritime chokepoints” LOL — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PiZx6tq2U8 — see 1:37 and 13:45

    Sal makes the case that Baltimore has become a chokepoint with the bridge collapse.

    I suggest Baltimore ALREADY WAS a chokepoint (due to unwidenable shipping channel limited by unmovable bridge pillars), and that is precisely why the bridge was collapsed, to make way for a much taller cable-stay bridge having footings much wider apart, allowing for a wider shipping channel, increasing shipping traffic.

    Regarding other chokepoints: Someone should alert Sal to the presumably coming BEN GURION canal in GAZA, as identified by youtuber Richard Medquist from military documents.

    2.6% of maritime exports go out via Baltimore.
    2.9% of maritime imports go into Baltimore.


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