The “Next Big Gotcha” ?

The Next Big Gotcha — also another aspect Totally Unmentioned Online, and probably not yet realized —–

The EFF (electronic frontier foundation) which has been giving away free SSL certifications (on short, 90-day leases, vs years-long or lifetime leases for considerably more costly commercial SSL certification services) will be surreptitiously used to reign-in and control waywawrd, outspoken websites sharing “offensive” or “dangerous” content by revoking and/or refusing renewal of the increasingly important SSL leases, thus “causing” google, bing, yahoo (which are “in on it” and/or totally controlled) to “necessarily” delist / derank the SSL-less websites, due to “privacy concerns” and “for safety”.

This still secret and hidden (suspected) plot will be used, it is surmised, to squelch and silence the multitude of smaller voices, less well-funded, unable to escape the carefully laid multi-faceted technology trap.

You’ll see; watch it happen within the next 10 years or so.  Of course this is all based on theory and conjecture.

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  1. Another looming problem — The “Next Next Big Gotcha” occurs when 32-bit time/counters “roll-over” — EXACTLY like another Y2K all over again — The rollover of 32-bit Unix time (Unix Epoch) will occur on Tuesday, January 19, 2038, at precisely 03:14:07 UTC. This event marks the maximum value that can be represented using a 32-bit signed integer, after which the Unix time will overflow, causing potential issues in systems that rely on 32-bit Unix time for date and time calculations.


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