EDM Festivals 2024 — Digging Behind, Beneath Chicago’s ARC Music Festival — sudden, massive, powerful, yet corporately ‘unclaimed’ — authentic and organic, or another psyop?

Summary — This thing was developed and is put-on by individuals and groups seemingly unknown and comparatively hidden from the public .. focusing on a class of music revealed as easily, readily and often polluted with MKULTRA mechanisms of mind-control, social-engineering, subliminals perhaps in terms of rhythms and at least in terms of A440 scale … Read more

Baltimore Key Bridge — Anomalies Implicate Directed Energy Weapons — Index + Summary + Introduction, as of 27 Apr 2024

Steel girders wilted like hot taffy, by directed energy weapons?

This is the Index + Summary.   Baltimore Key Bridge — Anomalies Implicate Directed Energy Weapons Sourced evidence.  Deep.  Diabolical.  Shunned by controlled media, limited-hangouts, and calcified minds. An ongoing series exploring all aspects and evidence of the event. The single correct explanation must logically include 100% of all available evidence, data, facts.   Index … Read more

Baltimore Key Bridge #25 – Still missing, as of 27 Apr 2024

Index & Summary https://soundquality.org/baltimore-key-bridge    

Baltimore Key Bridge #26 – Also another Attack on Food Production, Shipping and more

Continuing attack on Food Production — fertilizer component harmed   Affected industrials — https://www.bitchute.com/video/IQUNO0qhh5Tv/   Solvay Chemical Co. (fairfield area) — Maker of precursor chemicals to fertilizer (phosphoric and nitric acid). https://www.google.com/maps/place/Solvay+USA+LLC/@39.2352735,-76.5805293,17z Motive: Destroy world food supply, cause mass starvation, destroy USA food production dominance. (claimed to be “diabolical, like Monsanto”; CEO was Ilham Khadre … Read more

Baltimore Key Bridge #15 – Lickety-split Quick Crime-Scene Cleanup. Plausible reason to rush.

Index & Summary https://soundquality.org/baltimore-key-bridge   Just like NYC 911 WTC Where is the evidence  going? Payola of contractors, Tradepoint Atlantic / Sparrows Point   === === PAYOLA ? “The governor says the processing center Tradepoint Atlantic has agreed to help…” 0:55 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIpcpkYiwUgVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Baltimore bridge collapse: Crews continue … Read more

What’s Killing Italy? The predictively-programmed “Children of Men” population implosion may strike and destroy Italy first — wait, it’s already doing so

“A population collapse is not only coming, it’s inevitable.” — 1:14 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXyV5PKM6Jw “Around 6,000 rural villages in [Italy countryside] have been abandoned.  15,000 [more] could soon follow.” — 2:00 in “A fertility rate of [Italy’s current] 1.2 means that every subsequent generation shrinks by about 40%.” — 11:35 in Soon, businsses will start leaving … Read more

BAD VIBRATIONS — 96 million plastic “shade balls” in California drinking water reservoir – rubbing together, under intense sunlight, perfect conditions to release microplastics that are endocrine disrupting mass population sterilizers

From the video comments: “Maybe another purpose is to sterilize the population by poisoning the public water supplies, as called for in chapter 14 of ECOSCIENCE the 1,400 page textbook by Obama’s science czar. Talk about shedding of microplastics right in to the water, feminizing the men, sterilizing them. Think about it.” “…”High-density polyethylene (HDPE) … Read more

Hardy Boys Figured Out “HAVANA SYNDROME” In Feb 1978 …and explained it in 3 sentences

From 7:50 in — “We put a hidden camera in our room last night to find out what was going on.  That machine sends out microwaves of radiation.  That’s what they were doing: Slowly poisoning the ambassador while he slept…”   Probably that it appears in-script and on-screen indicates insider and/or foreknowledge…as in, the killer … Read more

Explosive military document shows true effects of 5G

Released 1994 in final dire warning before 1997 onslaught of cellular phone industry hockey-stick growth. https://www.bitchute.com/video/U92yJsZ1IOSs/   PDF — RF MW Radiation Biological Effects Safety Standards Scott M Bolen 1994 ADA282886 The report titled “Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review” by Scott M. Bolen, published in June 1994 by the Rome Laboratory … Read more

2 blocks east of WTC, Bad Vibes precede Mall Fall – $1B newest mall in NYC (10yo) going down in runaway robbery flames

Exploring Runaway Retail Theft and the Closure of NYC Fulton Mall The retail landscape in major cities like New York City (NYC) is facing unprecedented challenges, with runaway retail theft emerging as a significant issue impacting businesses and communities. One notable example is the closure of NYC Fulton Mall, a historic shopping district that has … Read more

Tartarystan — Jon Levi reconsiders the seven Central Asian “-stans” as Tartary, obliterated

Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgystan Pakistan Tajikistan Turkemnistan Uzbekistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDkeQrTuH6Q     === Exploring Turkmenistan as Tartary: Unraveling Historical and Cultural Enigmas In recent years, the notion of Turkmenistan being part of the fabled Tartary has garnered attention and sparked discussions among researchers and enthusiasts delving into alternative historical narratives. Jon Levi, a prominent researcher in this … Read more

BrainMap — Mind Control MKULTRA — “Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” — James W Lee docu

Pulling from widely disparate sources over decades of time, this documentary interviews and summarizes the general subject of body and “mind control” — or cognitive and biological effects caused by external forces, including microwave and other electromagnetic RF radiations, broadband, beamed/directional, interference.  Examination of published military and government projects.  Anecdotes.  Evidence. https://www.bitchute.com/video/MDybl3Th4zgE/ “Touchless Torture, Target … Read more

Culture Creation for Control – Alan Watt – Movie Predictive Programming / Occultic Connection

Monkey see, monkey do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXDps9dAumM Alan Watt, a Canadian researcher and author, has explored various topics related to culture, society, and the influence of media and entertainment on human behavior. In his work, he has discussed the concept of “culture creation for control,” which suggests that powerful entities, such as governments, corporations, and media conglomerates, … Read more

“Music will get worse” – mind control thru music scale

Abstract   “Pornography, violence and obscenity on TV and in movies will be deliberately increased. People will be desensitized to violence and porn and made to feel life is short, precarious and brutish. Music will be used for indoctrination and ‘will get worse.’”   Content   listen from 7:00 in paraphrased — Emperor would not … Read more

Beatles as lynchpin — Arcana, Esoterica, Sage of Quay — Jaw-dropping deep-detail up to big-picture

https://www.bitchute.com/video/WXREw09aQkJZ/   The Beatles are often considered a lynchpin or pivotal force in the history of popular music, culture, and society. Here’s why: 1. **Musical Innovation**: The Beatles revolutionized popular music with their innovative songwriting, experimentation with recording techniques, and incorporation of diverse musical styles. Their influence can be heard across a wide range of … Read more

Major Key to Our Reality — Beatles Psyop Summary

Sage of Quay / Mike Williams gives a tremendous summary not just of Beatles and the MK surrounding them but in fact infused throughout our reality.  This is really a must-listen. https://www.bitchute.com/video/n256rYXUcBc8/

Rijke Pressure, Taos Hum, Subsonica – The Controversial Sounds Only 2% Of People Hear

1st real trace / published information about persistent low-frequency environmental hum — 1973: Loudness and annoyance due to low-frequency sound, such as the Taos Hum or other similar phenomena, can have significant impacts on individuals and communities. Here’s how: 1. **Perceptual Effects**: Low-frequency sound waves can be perceived differently by individuals compared to higher-frequency sounds. … Read more

Rupert Sheldrake’s seemingly preposterous MORPHIC RESONANCE theory that musical ability passes thru space and time by like-minded, like-bodied, like-DNA animals including humans – wait until you hear his enormous evidence

Abstract Chicks can be conditioned to avoid yellow LEDs but allowed to peck at silver beads. Chicks later, not having been so conditioned, would also tend to avoid the yellow LEDs and favor the silver beads. Rats, poisoned, seem to add to the “morphic resonance field” such that subsequent rats, not yet poisoned, also somehow … Read more

Some of What Music Is Really Used For…

Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll documentary Hells Bells documentary Conjuring demons into rock music. See also G CRAIGE LEWIS, EX-MINISTRIES https://www.bitchute.com/video/uVzT0gY7KFbk/     “Selling their souls for rock and roll” is a metaphorical expression that has been used to describe musicians and bands in the rock and roll genre who are perceived to … Read more

“Music will get worse” – mind control thru music scale

Abstract “Pornography, violence and obscenity on TV and in movies will be deliberately increased. People will be desensitized to violence and porn and made to feel life is short, precarious and brutish. Music will be used for indoctrination and ‘will get worse.’”   Content listen from 7:00 in paraphrased — Emperor would not check writings … Read more

Mark Devlin on The Great 20th Century Music Con

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEx8QD2lC48     Mark Devlin is a British DJ, author, and public speaker known for his work in exploring conspiracy theories and hidden agendas in the music industry. In his book titled “Musical Truth,” as well as in various interviews, presentations, and online content, Devlin discusses what he refers to as “The Great 20th Century … Read more

THE POLICE drummer Stewart Copeland, son of OSS/CIA “founding member” – Stew confirms ~11:05

Perfectly fits the ‘all major successful musical acts had direct military intelligence in-family’ discovered by DAVE MCGOWAN in his online series and book INSIDE THE LC / WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE CANYON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQKEDapx4O4         Stewart Copeland, best known as the drummer for the band The Police, is the son of Miles Axe … Read more

Sage of Quay™ – Richard Balducci – The Occultology of The Beatles (Apr 2019)

A true Pandora’s Box — touches and tars practically everything… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDaIQkhoick         Richard Balducci is a writer and researcher who has explored various esoteric and occult themes, including their potential connections to popular culture phenomena such as The Beatles. However, there is no widely recognized work by Balducci specifically titled “The Occultology … Read more

If you like sports of any kind, and even if not, this will force your mind open…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziTDPk3XkZ4 From Michelle Gibson A brief introduction into circuit board earth, a look at sports & my findings within sports stadiums, finally looking at the philosophy behind sports.   === Michelle Gibson is a researcher known for her alternative theories about Earth’s history and geology, including the idea known as “Circuit Board Earth.” This theory … Read more

The Eye of Paul McCartney, Pan and Frankenstein – stunning myriad of Occult connections

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa24uRL3Ksg     The reference to “The Eye of Paul McCartney, Pan, and Frankenstein” appears to be a cryptic or enigmatic phrase that could potentially be interpreted in various ways, depending on context or personal interpretation. Here are some possible interpretations: 1. **Symbolism**: Each of the three figures mentioned—Paul McCartney, Pan, and Frankenstein—carries symbolic significance … Read more