Prof Hamamoto interviews James W Lee (AKA “APlaneTruth”) RE Cultural Forensics and Some of California’s Occulted, wildly interesting “alt” History

Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto, known for his work in cultural forensics, engages in critical analysis of the arts, social institutions, and media. His YouTube channel, “Cultural Forensics: Professor Hamamoto,” features discussions and lectures that delve into these subjects, providing insights into the underlying forces shaping contemporary culture . James W. Lee, whom Professor Hamamoto has … Read more

Weaponization of Sound – Mark Devlin

RE: mark devlin “weaponization of sound”, describing military weapons (lrad, v2k voice-to-skull, etc), cultural manipulation, and involvement of military-intelligence in major bands. ~15:00: “Music has been getting dumber.” — Mark Devlin, Million Song Dataset An mp3 encoding, electronically inverted and then added to its original source file results in a readily perceptible and discernible-quality version … Read more

Mauritian Pyramids – Lucy Leheilleix

Pyramids on Mauritius identical to pyramids also on Tenerife and Cyprus. See also DR SAM OSMANAGICH See also CARL MUNCK “THE CODE” youtubes. CGPT — The “Mauritian pyramids” are a series of structures located in Mauritius, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean. These structures have attracted attention due to their resemblance to … Read more

Bullet-proof Technology in a Temple

Batten roofing, made of granite.  Granite “nails”.  “Connecting rods” of several different patterns.  But, instead, everything appears to have been poured / molded. From video comment: “Davidovitz proved geopolymers used to mold complex “granite” shapes, etc. Back in the 1970s. Look him up, RE Egypt.”     I’m not aware of any individual … Read more

Spectrography reveals extremely high “rare earth elements” dissolved into soil abutting central Pyramid at Giza — this is BY FAR some of the Very Best in-person scientific investigation and analysis

Were they mining??  Smelting??  Dissolving in the sulphuric acid created by the Great Pyramid at Giza ??       Iron-oxide (rust) deposits inside core of central pyramid at Giza. 31:40 into     The assertion that spectrographic analysis has revealed extremely high concentrations of rare earth elements dissolved into the soil around the … Read more

ORIGINAL PURPOSE OF THE PYRAMIDS — The Only Theory to address all aspects of all pyramids — summary 2023-05

“…I’ll keep an open mind if a better explanation comes along, but your explanation is the best of ANY I’ve heard so far. It answers so many of the questionable things that never added up with the others. It just has the ring of truth.” — comment from episode 61   The “ring of truth” … Read more

Pyramids Are Not What You Think They Are: Underground Halls Beneath Them

Excellent info from wide variety of sources, ideas.  Makes case for pyramids as power plants. Pyramid tunnels refer to passageways, chambers, or corridors found within pyramidal structures, such as the Egyptian pyramids, that extend from the outer surface of the pyramid inward. These tunnels have been a subject of fascination and speculation for centuries, … Read more

By far the most plausible series of evidence supporting Pyramids as Electricity Generators — 5 July 2020   Explanation after explanation, perfecting alignments of seemingly disparate facts — this is the greatest collation of evidence I’ve seen in decades of enthusiastic study.  Nearly every “mystery” is explained sensibly.  Thank goodness for the Internet and persistently curious minds.   The idea that pyramids were used as power stations is a controversial and … Read more

BioGeometry Intro, Dr. Robert Gilbert, Dr. Karim   BioGeometry, introduced by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, integrates science, art, and spirituality to balance energy systems within the environment. Dr. Robert Gilbert and Dr. Karim emphasize its application in neutralizing harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, enhancing human health and energy. BioGeometry uses shapes, colors, motion, orientation, and sound to produce a harmonic energy balance, … Read more

Over 100,000 pyramids in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador — Shattering suppressive hoaxes

200+ pyramids in Sudan 43 pyramids on Sicily 7 pyramids on Mauritius 30+ pyramids on Canary Islands over 100,000 pyramids in ancient Mayan realm — over 1,500 pyramids in Palenqi alone. Bosnian Pyramids are open-source, open to the public.   The Mesoamerican region, encompassing present-day Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, is indeed … Read more

Ancient Egypt Alchemy, Phi, & The Human Body – Danny Wilten

Mathematical ratio Fibonacci sequence Golden ratio 1.618 0.618 PHI Dan Winter MERU Foundation implosion resonance conjugation     Danny Wilten explores the intersection of ancient Egyptian alchemy, the golden ratio (phi), and its potential relationship with the human body. While specific details of Wilten’s work on this topic may vary, here are some general … Read more

Over 100,000 pyramids in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador — Shattering suppressive hoaxes

200+ pyramids in Sudan 43 pyramids on Sicily 7 pyramids on Mauritius 30+ pyramids on Canary Islands over 100,000 pyramids in ancient Mayan realm — over 1,500 pyramids in Palenqi alone. Bosnian Pyramids are open-source, open to the public.   Dr. Semir Osmanagić is a Bosnian-American businessman and author known for his controversial claims … Read more

British Museum Ancient Egypt & Acoustics with Gary Evans

Gary Evans has been studying ancient cultures and Earth mysteries for 20 years. From his studies of ancient cultures around the world, Gary has realized how deeply our ancestors appreciated Nature; something many of us have become disconnected from in the modern age. His keen interest in an unfamiliar chapter of pre-history, before Sumeria (3500BCE), … Read more

Ancient Secrets of Resonance

New Science and Ancient Technologies from a conference in 2000 Randy Masters discusses his research on pyramid chamber resonance as well as connections to healing and Tibetan bells, cosmic radiation and effects of sound. A wonderful primer for the uninitiated as well as a good refresher for others already familiar with music and sound healing … Read more

Myth of Invariance – Origin of Gods, Math, Music from Veda to Plato

“The Myth of Invariance: Origin of Gods, Math, Music from Veda to Plato” is a concept that delves into the interconnectedness of mythology, mathematics, and music across different cultures and civilizations, from ancient Vedic traditions to the philosophy of Plato and beyond. Here’s an overview of some key aspects of this concept: 1. **Mythology and … Read more

Saqqara, Egypt — Ancient Sound-Wave Healing

Abstract Indigenous wisdom keeper Abd’el Hakim Awyan speaks about the ancient techniques of healing the human body with sound wave technology and harmonic frequencies.   Content Published on Apr 27, 2012 Indigenous wisdom keeper Abd’el Hakim Awyan speaks about the ancient techniques of healing the human body with sound wave technology and harmonic frequencies. … Read more

Healing with Sound: Secret Sounds – Ancient Sounds that Advanced your Consciousness

Develop Psychic and Spiritual Gifts through Sounds – Learn secrets of how sound was mysteriously used for powerful benefits and psychic development in ancient Egypt, China and with the Tibetan monks! Discover how to use sound/music for enlightenment, improving conscious and practical uses. Learn Musical Secrets from deep in the pyramids, Hermetic magic, Pythagoras and … Read more

Egyptian Scale Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website… Q). One problem I’m having when studying scales is that I don’t fully understand how to apply them. Especially, exotic scales. So, could you go through how a guitarist should approach this? Maybe, run through a scale for me … Read more

Bio Geometry Overview, Dr. Robert Gilbert

How geometric forms affect life functions. part 1 of 2 part 2 of 2 Published on Jun 6, 2013 An excellent overview by Dr. Gilbert on BioGeometry — from the Special Topics conference in Asheville, NC, November 2012. Another video w/ Gilbert     BioGeometry, developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, is a … Read more

BioGeometry: The Relationship Between Shape and Energy

An interview with Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of the science of BioGeometry.     BioGeometry is a discipline that explores the relationship between shape, energy, and living organisms. Developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, BioGeometry suggests that certain geometric shapes and patterns possess inherent energetic qualities that can interact with the energy fields of … Read more

Lloyd Pye, Brien Foerster & Jerry Wills – 2 hours, Red Ice

Lloyd Pye is a researcher, author and lecturer. His subject areas include Intervention Theory, Hominoids, human origins and the Starchild Skull. Brien Foerster is a professional sculptor and author known for his research on the megalithic sites of South America. He is also the assistant director of the Paracas History Museum in Paracas, south of … Read more

Sensible, Clear Truth About Pyramids 2014 — Stephen Mehler   Stephen Mehler is an author and researcher known for his work on ancient Egyptian spirituality and esoteric traditions. In his book “The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology,” Mehler presents his perspective on the ancient Egyptian civilization and its monuments, including the pyramids. Mehler’s approach to the pyramids differs from more mainstream … Read more

Sensible, Clear Truth About Pyramids — Dr Samir, Bosnian Pyramids on Veritas

If you watch one thing about pyramids, this should be it. There are two more.   “Veritas” is a multimedia platform that explores a wide range of topics, including alternative science, spirituality, and conspiracy theories. In 2014, they featured an interview with Dr. Sam Osmanagich, who is known for his controversial claims about the … Read more

Things Egyptologists wont say, Pyramids, Conspiracies. Stephen Mehler Stephen Mehler is an alternative Egyptologist and author known for his unconventional theories about ancient Egypt and the pyramids. He has written extensively on topics such as ancient Egyptian spirituality, the origins of the Sphinx, and the construction techniques of the pyramids. Mehler’s work often challenges mainstream Egyptology and explores alternative interpretations of archaeological … Read more

Dr. Semir Osmanagich – Pyramids Around The World (hundreds of thousands!)

Over 100,000 suspected pyramids just in Mexican jungles alone.  … prevalent as power substations…..   Dr. Semir Osmanagich, also known as “the Bosnian Indiana Jones,” is a Bosnian-American author, researcher, and businessman who gained international attention for his controversial claims regarding ancient pyramids. He is primarily known for his work in … Read more