“Blogging is not what is used to be” even a few years ago — Here is the rarest original, most succinct, and yet unlikeliest to be parrotted theory as to who, how and why

Mar 2023 –Project 24 After 4 Years – My Experience (Student Reviews P24) Youtuber basically discovers and reveals that the previously “proven plan” of PROJECT 24 has been slowly crumbling.  YT’r says even the P24 team can’t make their own blogs super successful as they had been, and that the best new focus is making … Read more

The Human Diet 2020, Scripture, Spirit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2YOo1kJV74   === The Essenes were an ancient Jewish sect that existed around the time of Jesus Christ, though there is some debate among scholars about their precise beliefs and practices. Here’s a brief overview: 1. **Essenes Gospel**: The term “Essenes Gospel” is not commonly used in scholarly discussions. It’s possible that you’re referring to … Read more

The Bible, Numbers 7:12-89, and the Solfege Scale

Abstract   Dr Joseph Puleo discovered a pattern of six repeating codes he claimed he had uncovered within the bible. These he believed were encoded,appropriately enough,into the Book of Numbers, chapter 7,in verses 12 through 83. When he deciphered these verses reducing the verse numbers to their single digit integers, the code revealed a series … Read more

Myth of Invariance – Origin of Gods, Math, Music from Veda to Plato

“The Myth of Invariance: Origin of Gods, Math, Music from Veda to Plato” is a concept that delves into the interconnectedness of mythology, mathematics, and music across different cultures and civilizations, from ancient Vedic traditions to the philosophy of Plato and beyond. Here’s an overview of some key aspects of this concept: 1. **Mythology and … Read more