Music Will Get Worse – Music Has Gotten Worse

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Music Will Get Worse – Music Has Gotten Worse – Dr. Richard Day, a prominent physician and professor of pediatrics, is said to be the original presenter of the information that “music will get worse”. He allegedly made these statements at a conference in 1969. Dr. Day was the National Medical Director of Planned Parenthood and reportedly spoke about various topics related to the New World Order, including the claim that “music will get worse.”

The Wild Anomalies in Helter Skelter, The Most Controversial Beatles Song


Wild Anomalies in Helter Skelter

Mark Devlin: “Music’s Mind-Control and Military Connections” May 2023


Music’s Mind-Control and Military Connections

Roots of Antinomian Music, Unspun 132, Jan Irvin, Dr Hans Utter – Sex, Self, Cybernetics — MKULTRA Intel community BRAIN database, compiled over years, extensive, deep

antinomian music

Roots of Antinomian Music

Demystifying Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music – Mark Devlin UnSpun 077


Demystifying Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music

Rock and Hip-Hop Contamination of Country Music


Contamination of Country Music The Decidedly Funky-Flavored Taste of  “New Country” The influence of hip-hop on country music, often referred to as “hip-hop contamination,” has been a controversial and divisive topic within the country music community. While some purists view it as a departure from traditional country music, others see it as a natural evolution … Read more

“A lot of us came to this business because of sound quality…” – Bernie Grundman


because of sound quality