NYT Says Taylor Swift Bigger Than Beatles!? WTF – Occult Carnivalia too good to ignore – Producer Driven Tunes

NYT Says Taylor Swift Bigger Than Beatles!? WTF – Occult Carnivalia too good to ignore – Producer Driven Tunes

See bottom for the many, many Occult / Esoteric aspects Rick Beato omits.

Beatles hits and chart performance vs Taylor Swift

Advertising, production, distribution and consumption are all radically different today than 60 years ago in Beatles’ era. Also, Taylor Swift was country before Pop.

Beatles took 6 years (1964-1970) to generate 20 Number-1 hits; whereas, Taylor Swift took 12 years to generate 12 Number-1 hits. Of theirs, the Beatles between 1964-1965 scored 11 Number-1 hits.

1964: I Want To Hold Your Hand. She Loves You. Can’t Buy Me Love. Love Me Do. Hard Days Night. I Feel Fine.

1965: 8 Days A Week. Ticket To Ride. Help. Yesterday. We Can Work It Out.

1966+: Paperback Writer. Penny Lane. All You Need Is Love. Hello Goodbye. Hey Jude. Get Back. Come Together. Let It Be. The Long Winding Road.

NYT Says Taylor Swift Bigger Than Beatles

3 persons are credited with writing all Beatles Number-1 songs (Lennon, McCartney, Harrison). Contrast: Taylor Swift’s 12 Number-1 songs have 12 different writers. “Having so many collaborators allows Taylor to tour endless.” 3:00 in

NYT Says Taylor Swift Bigger Than Beatles

Producer Driven Tunes

Producer Driven Tunes

Examining how these Producer Driven Songs are written.

The musical track are all producer-created. “They did all that stuff. Yeah, Taylor may have played the guitar riff one or two times and they cut it up, but they’re doing the drum programming, the keyboard parts, the guitar parts, all the swells; everything you hear is them.” ~ 4:50 in

RB removes vocals and presents the nearly-nondescript backing tracks — what he says are called ‘bedding’…like lackluster foundational musack – “instrumentals, that you write lyrics over” (3:40 in).

But, when Taylor Swift’s mystical, magickal, musical voice is applied — voila, insta-hit!

“This is not unique to Taylor Swift; this is pretty much how all pop-music is made.” 5:35 in

Contrast: “The Beatles didn’t repeat ideas.” 6:50 in “These are completely different universes. The Beates not only innovated melodically, lyrically, harmonically (meaning the chords changes, etc), they created much of the vocabulary that came after. Taylor’s innovations are in commerce, or in re-inventing herself; she’s actually kind of a ‘content creator’.”

“The fact that every new artist is still compared to the Beatles tells us that nobody is bigger than the Beatles.”

“Don’t confuse the size of your paycheck with the size of your talent”. Marlon Brando

The Beatles at some point had the guts to say: ok we’re famous enough, let’s make something interesting.

….you cannot compare anyone to the beatles…..people today accept dishwasher as music

Can someone please explain why I have spent the last ten years hearing about Taylor Swift but I couldn’t name one of her songs?

video comments

Occult Carnivalia too good to ignore

If you thought the music was good, wait until you delve into the endless, deep occulted aspects behind and beneath it!

The fscking weirdness…is just fscking weird…endlessly.

The ‘demonic offspring’ of founder of Church of Satan, or some such hypothesis.

See also Sage of Quay and the mondo amount of bizzarity involving all aspects of the Beatles, militarized impact upon society and culture as “British Invasion”, the pairing against Rolling Stones, and the phenomena of “FAUL”. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=sage+of+quay%2C+beatles%2C+faul

See also Dave McGowan’s infamous INSIDE THE LC / WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE CANYON — https://centerforaninformedamerica.com

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