Guitarist vs Tunnel – Marcin 2024

Guitarist vs Tunnel

Guitarist vs Tunnel

“Of course we can all be impressed with his actual guitar skill but real musicians can also see his skill as a composer. If you listen good you can hear him modulate the key to it’s relative and back again. A technique Chopin would have known and used but wasn’t in his original composition. This dude rocks!”

“This is mindbendingly fresh.”

“Agreed, this is pretty far from Milly-Vanilly.”

Musical, or theatrical?

“Very radical but disjointed and no lasting groove. Like, none. I’m mean, at any moment, at every moment, you’re bracing against being thrown off a musical cliff. But that’s his thing? To a drummer, this comes across as blips and blabs, like bending or pushing the instrument to its most extremes…like tapping shells with fingertips and playing on stand-legs with drumsticks. Yes, incredibly interesting, fascinating, and the amazing skill! But does it serve the music? Or does instead the music serve it? Imagine if all music Began in this way…would it be music? …or “phrasic”? Not taking away or diminishing from the near-miracle, but much if not most of this seems maybe totally outside the realm of music, no? I mean it’s like incredible upon incredible, but it’s like listening to conversations with Sam Kennison; the points are lost in presentation. …when the spectacle IS the thing, what is it really? Not meaning to be harsh or whatever, but I found myself Trying to listen to several of his songs in succession and I couldn’t. I wasn’t in the music, I was in the musical theatrics, even when I forced my eyes closed. Maybe I need to recalibrate and try to understand this as an Otherworldly performance.”

“They say, ‘The Devil went down to Georgia’, well, how many entities can do this? Two? Marcin…and his shadow.”

“I’ve binge-listened to about 20 songs so far, and I’m hearing and seeing (I think) the same diddies in each song, and all the diddies in all the songs. I favor quiet intensity and restraint, the focusing of intent and energy into the music; what I’m hearing (or think I’m hearing) here seems polar opposite: Explosion upon explosion, like a flashdance or flamenco …on a carnival ride …gone off the rails …upside-down …and sideways …with hair on-fire. It’s flabbergasting and fantastico! But I only listen once.”
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If I had to pick one picture…

The visuals in this are positively creepy. And the gushing lugubrious praise in allllll the videos’ comments has my suspicion-whiskers piqued against army-onslaught psyop.

The more I listen, the more I keep getting this unshakable feeling that this is, overall, a twisting distortion of the purpose and intent of much of this music — like the introduction (pollution?) of rap into country music…a kind of toxification. (Where are the original compositions and not cover-tune re-interpretations?) But, maybe I’m jaded. Nonetheless, I expect it will not be too long before we begin to see, at the behest of The Industry, his nubile form tattooed, followed by being “sleeved”, maybe twice, then necked and (de)faced with more tatts….perhaps a cloven hoof? …for improved flamenco-style stomping, of course! LOL The nails are, well, undoubtedly necessary…but that taunting haunting imagery is surely potent…

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Compare ANGEL HEART 1987 movie w/ LOUIS CYPHRE

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Is this how it begins?

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