Sonic Levity – Acoustic Levitation Technique — Is an Oscillating-Vibrating Mass Easier to Lift?

Sonic Levity – Acoustic levitation technique in the ancient world.

Three of the most important living Pyramid Luminaries together enjoyed the Ravne Tunnels near the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia — tag along, learn up

Pyramid Luminaries

Why Pyramids Work — The Electrical Function of Pyramids, detailed by Dan Winter with Dr Sam Osmanagich

The Electrical Function of Pyramids – Explored with Implosive Vortex Math Maven DAN WINTER.

Carnivaria vs Vegania — Disconnecting cell-from-soul — Spiritual consideration of veganism and vegetariana versus the omni-carnacious: Eating an orange vs hamburger – how killing an animal may be in fact quicker, kinder, more merciful than mauling a fruit

Carnivaria vs Vegania — Disconnecting cell-from-soul — One spiritual consideration of veganism and vegetariana versus the omni-carnacious: Eating an orange vs hamburger – how killing an animal may be in fact quicker, kinder, more merciful than mauling a fruit.

Baltimore Key Bridge #26 – Also another Attack on Food Production, Shipping and more

Continuing attack on Food Production — fertilizer component harmed   Affected industrials —   Solvay Chemical Co. (fairfield area) — Maker of precursor chemicals to fertilizer (phosphoric and nitric acid).,-76.5805293,17z Motive: Destroy world food supply, cause mass starvation, destroy USA food production dominance. (claimed to be “diabolical, like Monsanto”; CEO was Ilham Khadre … Read more

Baltimore Key Bridge #8 — Reagan. Esper. Star Wars. Directed Energy Weapons introduced 1983.

#8 in a series. Index – Executive Summary –   === Directed Energy Professional Society, online since 1999 — See also Metal-melting, dissolving, disintegrating beam and directed energy weapons are not “new” or “mysterious” but instead are many decades-old technologies not being hidden at all except by omission and oafish deniers … Read more

Healing is Voltage – Physics of Emotions – Jerry Tennant, MD

“The human body is an electronic device [and system].” — 7:30, Dr Jerry Tennant   ### Exploring the Physics of Emotions: How Dr. Jerry Tennant’s Insights Illuminate Emotive Energy’s Impact on Health and Disease In the realm of holistic health and wellness, the connection between emotions and physical well-being has long been acknowledged. … Read more

Feeling. Sensing. Knowing. “Pre-Sentiment” — Feeling the Future, or Sensing an Extended Present – Dr Rupert Sheldrake

Exploring Presentiment and Precognition in Day Trading Forex: The Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin Perspective In the fast-paced world of day trading forex, where split-second decisions can make or break fortunes, traders are constantly seeking an edge. While technical analysis, market trends, and economic indicators dominate strategies, there’s a lesser-known but fascinating aspect that some … Read more

After drinking water that has been Ultra-sounded…

“Everybody felt warm or even hot.  A burning emptiness and nausea was felt in the stomach.  Even bones were affected with emptiness: “My bones feel as if they had holes.”  A fine tremor of hands was noticed.  An comfortable vibration permeated the whole body.  It was described as shivers, as vibration or as a buzz.” … Read more

88MPH: The Story of the DeLorean Time Machine – the dream of any creative person, to be involved in something that gets a life of its own

“No car manufactured in the 1980s had a spedometer that went above 85 mph. … Anybody who goes and looks inside a real DeLorean will see that the spedometer only goes up to 85.” — 52:00 in ### Unveiling the DeLorean Time Machine: A DIY Journey Through Time In the iconic movie “Back to … Read more

Origins of CERN and Radium     0:00 foreign [Music] howdy everybody 0:07 welcome to another uh episode in this 0:14 ongoing radium series uh it’s been a long one in the making so 0:20 to say I’ve been sitting on a lot of this material for some time and you know 0:27 finding the time to put … Read more

How the Hawaiian Power Grid Works   Unveiling the Hawaiian Power Grid: A Closer Look at Generation, Distribution, and Connectivity Hawaii, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, also boasts a unique power grid that serves its islands. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of the Hawaiian power grid, exploring its power generation sources, the … Read more

Light is Weird — on nature’s reality **Unveiling Quantum Mysteries: The Double-Slit Experiment and the Photoelectric Effect** Delving into the quantum realm unveils a tapestry of mysteries that challenge our understanding of reality. Among these enigmatic phenomena are the double-slit experiment and the photoelectric effect, both pivotal in shaping the foundations of quantum mechanics. Let’s explore these fascinating concepts and their … Read more

Sets / Series

Choice Interests   Baltimore Key Bridge — Anomalies Implicate Directed Energy Weapons Sourced evidence.  Deep.  Diabolical.  Shunned by controlled media, limited-hangouts, and calcified minds. An ongoing series exploring all aspects and evidence of the event. The correct explanation must fully account for and logically include 100% of all available evidence, data, facts.    

Hardy Boys Figured Out “HAVANA SYNDROME” In Feb 1978 …and explained it in 3 sentences

From 7:50 in — “We put a hidden camera in our room last night to find out what was going on.  That machine sends out microwaves of radiation.  That’s what they were doing: Slowly poisoning the ambassador while he slept…”   Probably that it appears in-script and on-screen indicates insider and/or foreknowledge…as in, the killer … Read more

Having removed measures from direct human perception, They can now beguile by changing time, distance, weight — NIST and CERN and Fundamental Units and Measures — “There is a fight [over] time; they’re trying to change time” – Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

NIST and CERN and Fundamental Units and Measures

Explosive military document shows true effects of 5G

Released 1994 in final dire warning before 1997 onslaught of cellular phone industry hockey-stick growth.   PDF — RF MW Radiation Biological Effects Safety Standards Scott M Bolen 1994 ADA282886 The report titled “Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review” by Scott M. Bolen, published in June 1994 by the Rome Laboratory … Read more

What happens to crystalline structure when you heat-treat a metal lattice?

Watch the grains grow. === **Unlocking the Mysteries of Metal Heat Treatment: Exploring Structural Changes and Crystalline Lattice** Metal heat treatment is a fascinating process that goes beyond mere temperature manipulation—it’s a precise science that transforms the very structure of metals, enhancing their properties and performance. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the … Read more

Weaponization of Sound – Mark Devlin

RE: mark devlin “weaponization of sound”, describing military weapons (lrad, v2k voice-to-skull, etc), cultural manipulation, and involvement of military-intelligence in major bands. ~15:00: “Music has been getting dumber.” — Mark Devlin, Million Song Dataset An mp3 encoding, electronically inverted and then added to its original source file results in a readily perceptible and discernible-quality version … Read more