“Conspiracy Queries” – Baltimore Key Bridge #7 – Examining Ship Bow, South Pillar, Energy-blasted Steel

This is #7 in a series — Summary + Index — https://soundquality.org/sets#baltimore-key-bridge   === Overhang of ‘proud bow’ did not seem to extend far enough to have “sheared off” all four columns of the south pillar.  So what sheared them off? The bridge’s steel giders did not collapse until seconds after the allision (collision is … Read more

“Conspiracy Queries” — Baltimore Key Bridge #1 — Unsettling, Growing List of Oddities and Questions, including potential relations to ‘yet another’ directed energy attack?

This is #1 in a series — Summary + Index — https://soundquality.org/sets#baltimore-key-bridge   “[Pres] Biden called the Francis Scott Key Bridge one of “the most important elements” holding up the economy in the Northeast.” “Shipping is critical to Baltimore’s economy, as it’s the ninth-largest U.S. port for international cargo, handling roughly 52 million tons of goods in … Read more

Having removed measures from direct human perception, They can now beguile by changing time, distance, weight — NIST and CERN and Fundamental Units and Measures — “There is a fight [over] time; they’re trying to change time” – Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

7:00 into https://www.bitchute.com/video/1mZZDya7Peti/ Seel also https://soundquality.org/2023/06/time-mirrors-experiments-at-the-north-pole-mr-mythos/ Time Mirrors: Experiments at the North Pole – Mr. Mythos === CERN, God Particle, atom smashing — The religious group called Jesuits have been “in-charge” of higher-education for centuries; this includes science which is widely derided as psyentism, meaning adherence to dogmatic belief or dictate rather than independently verifiable fact.  However, … Read more

Leapfrogging Case for The Great Reset and The (Real) Old Worlds

“‘Better to make a quick buck off the Old World [artifacts]’ seems to be the thinking of the Inheritors.  Tear down glorious buildings to sell real estate.  Destroy trains for a ticket fare.  It’s not like it just happened once; this was a ‘thing’.” — Jon Levi If many old grand castles were melted (presumably … Read more