Baltimore Key Bridge #8 — Reagan. Esper. Star Wars. Directed Energy Weapons introduced 1983.

#8 in a series. Index – Executive Summary –   === Directed Energy Professional Society, online since 1999 — See also Metal-melting, dissolving, disintegrating beam and directed energy weapons are not “new” or “mysterious” but instead are many decades-old technologies not being hidden at all except by omission and oafish deniers … Read more

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Choice Interests   Baltimore Key Bridge — Anomalies Implicate Directed Energy Weapons Sourced evidence.  Deep.  Diabolical.  Shunned by controlled media, limited-hangouts, and calcified minds. An ongoing series exploring all aspects and evidence of the event. The correct explanation must fully account for and logically include 100% of all available evidence, data, facts.    

Having removed measures from direct human perception, They can now beguile by changing time, distance, weight — NIST and CERN and Fundamental Units and Measures — “There is a fight [over] time; they’re trying to change time” – Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

NIST and CERN and Fundamental Units and Measures

Weaponization of Sound – Mark Devlin

RE: mark devlin “weaponization of sound”, describing military weapons (lrad, v2k voice-to-skull, etc), cultural manipulation, and involvement of military-intelligence in major bands. ~15:00: “Music has been getting dumber.” — Mark Devlin, Million Song Dataset An mp3 encoding, electronically inverted and then added to its original source file results in a readily perceptible and discernible-quality version … Read more

Re-Creating Astras – Were Ancient Weapons Real

“The weapon can slay any being within the three worlds…” The Mahabharata, Sanskrit epic of ancient India   “Astras” are ancient weapons mentioned in Hindu mythology and epics, particularly in texts like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. In Hindu mythology, these weapons are often described as celestial, divine, or supernatural in nature, possessing extraordinary … Read more