Healing is Voltage – Physics of Emotions – Jerry Tennant, MD

“The human body is an electronic device [and system].” — 7:30, Dr Jerry Tennant   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2VDKQLiU64   ### Exploring the Physics of Emotions: How Dr. Jerry Tennant’s Insights Illuminate Emotive Energy’s Impact on Health and Disease In the realm of holistic health and wellness, the connection between emotions and physical well-being has long been acknowledged. … Read more

Having removed measures from direct human perception, They can now beguile by changing time, distance, weight — NIST and CERN and Fundamental Units and Measures — “There is a fight [over] time; they’re trying to change time” – Dr Astrid Stuckelberger

NIST and CERN and Fundamental Units and Measures

The Wild Anomalies in Helter Skelter, The Most Controversial Beatles Song

The intertwining of music and true crime has fascinated audiences for decades, and one of the most infamous connections is between the Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter” and the Charles Manson “The Family” murder case. In this blog post, we delve into the history of the song and its eerie connection to the Manson murders, exploring … Read more

Language, Words & “Fake News” not new, been used for hundreds of years to justify censorship – Truthstream Media

Language, Words & “Fake News” not new, been used for hundreds of years to justify censorship.

Tartarystan — Jon Levi reconsiders the seven Central Asian “-stans” as Tartary, obliterated

Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgystan Pakistan Tajikistan Turkemnistan Uzbekistan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDkeQrTuH6Q     === Exploring Turkmenistan as Tartary: Unraveling Historical and Cultural Enigmas In recent years, the notion of Turkmenistan being part of the fabled Tartary has garnered attention and sparked discussions among researchers and enthusiasts delving into alternative historical narratives. Jon Levi, a prominent researcher in this … Read more

BrainMap — Mind Control MKULTRA — “Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” — James W Lee docu

Mind Control MKULTRA — “Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” — James W Lee docu

Prof Hamamoto interviews James W Lee (AKA “APlaneTruth”) RE Cultural Forensics and Some of California’s Occulted, wildly interesting “alt” History

California’s Occulted, wildly interesting “alt” History

St Patrick’s Day Music — Singing, Drinking, Pub-Crawling — Organic or Driven?

For St. Patrick’s Day music, you can explore a wide range of Irish drinking and pub songs that are perfect for the celebration. Here are a couple of YouTube collections that feature classic and beloved Irish songs: 1. **”St. Patrick’s Day With The Dubliners | 25 Classic Irish Drinking Pub Songs”** – This collection includes … Read more

EDM Festivals 2024 — Digging Behind, Beneath Chicago’s ARC Music Festival — sudden, massive, powerful, yet corporately ‘unclaimed’ — authentic and organic, or another psyop?

Summary — This thing was developed and is put-on by individuals and groups seemingly unknown and comparatively hidden from the public .. focusing on a class of music revealed as easily, readily and often polluted with MKULTRA mechanisms of mind-control, social-engineering, subliminals perhaps in terms of rhythms and at least in terms of A440 scale … Read more

Leapfrogging Case for The Great Reset and The (Real) Old Worlds

“‘Better to make a quick buck off the Old World [artifacts]’ seems to be the thinking of the Inheritors.  Tear down glorious buildings to sell real estate.  Destroy trains for a ticket fare.  It’s not like it just happened once; this was a ‘thing’.” — Jon Levi If many old grand castles were melted (presumably … Read more

Alan Watt Explains the Music Industry and Musical Mind Control

Alan Watt was a Canadian philosopher, writer, and speaker known for his views on philosophy, spirituality, and the human condition. While he did discuss various topics related to culture, society, and media, including the music industry, it’s important to note that his views often fell within the realm of conspiracy theories and speculative analysis rather … Read more

“Music will get worse” – mind control thru music scale

Abstract   “Pornography, violence and obscenity on TV and in movies will be deliberately increased. People will be desensitized to violence and porn and made to feel life is short, precarious and brutish. Music will be used for indoctrination and ‘will get worse.’”   Content   listen from 7:00 in paraphrased — Emperor would not … Read more

UnSpun 077 – Mark Devlin: “Demystifying Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music”

“The toxification of Hip-Hop…” — Mark Devlin, 42:50 in Mark Devlin is a British DJ, author, and public speaker known for his work in electronic dance music (EDM) culture and his exploration of the hidden aspects of the music industry. He is particularly known for his research and writings on the connections between music, consciousness, … Read more

Lenon Honor discusses “Beyond Gangster Blackface” — Language, Programming, Belief, Behavior, Outlook, Future

“An agenda to destabilize the family unit; putting forth degraded versions of men, women, mothers and fathers.”   https://www.bitchute.com/video/rz080QU5Ekwr/ See also https://www.bitchute.com/video/QT10LJvs0TkC/   The term “beyond gangster blackface” refers to a concept introduced by filmmaker and cultural critic Spike Lee to critique certain portrayals of African American characters in mainstream media, particularly in film and … Read more

Rijke Pressure, Taos Hum, Subsonica – The Controversial Sounds Only 2% Of People Hear

1st real trace / published information about persistent low-frequency environmental hum — 1973: Loudness and annoyance due to low-frequency sound, such as the Taos Hum or other similar phenomena, can have significant impacts on individuals and communities. Here’s how: 1. **Perceptual Effects**: Low-frequency sound waves can be perceived differently by individuals compared to higher-frequency sounds. … Read more

Demonic Onslaught of Clowns – Coming thru Media, Music …microwaves? – Many shared similiarities in comments

From the comments — “Over 39 years ago when I was a teen I inhaled the gas from a fragrance spray can and was instantly transported to a black and white checkered room and met jesters and become a jester trapped in a Infinite time loop. I saw playing cards and chess pieces and live … Read more

The Stewart Copeland Interview

Stewart Copeland is a British-American musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the drummer for the rock band The Police. Born on July 16, 1952, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, Copeland grew up in the Middle East and England before attending college in California. He began his musical career in the mid-1970s, playing with various bands … Read more

Some of What Music Is Really Used For…

Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll documentary Hells Bells documentary Conjuring demons into rock music. See also G CRAIGE LEWIS, EX-MINISTRIES https://www.bitchute.com/video/uVzT0gY7KFbk/     “Selling their souls for rock and roll” is a metaphorical expression that has been used to describe musicians and bands in the rock and roll genre who are perceived to … Read more

PROJECT Manson Family and Folgers Coffee Intelligence Connection – Prof Hamamoto

Manson Family and Folgers Coffee Intelligence Connection

1994 Denver Airport Mural — Oxygen Limiting Masks, Worldwide

    Directly relating to speed limiters, breathing limiters — https://soundquality.org/2024/02/breathing-limiter-introduced-as-vr-sim-akin-to-speed-limiter-can-you-connect-their-dots-yet/ https://soundquality.org/2024/02/more-lies-car-safety-standards-peggy-hall/ https://soundquality.org/2024/01/more-big-bro-gov-insanity-speed-limiters-on-all-trucks/   Preplanning for oxygen depletion dates back to at least 1994 when the Denver Airport murals “predicted” an awful future. Of course the best way to fulfill a “prediction” is to cause. Aldous Huxley wrote, decades ago, about how most citizens would … Read more

Music Theory / Magick / Harmony / 432 hz & more… Dr Narco Longo / Old World Florida

“There’s a guy that did a Ted Talk on metal heads showing their capacity to better integrate feelings of rage and anger. They get that release in the music. So when you spoke of the darker fairy tales that came to mind. Metal music I believe assists in the integration of the shadow. They’re able … Read more