BrainMap — Mind Control MKULTRA — “Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” — James W Lee docu

Pulling from widely disparate sources over decades of time, this documentary interviews and summarizes the general subject of body and “mind control” — or cognitive and biological effects caused by external forces, including microwave and other electromagnetic RF radiations, broadband, beamed/directional, interference.  Examination of published military and government projects.  Anecdotes.  Evidence.

“Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” is a documentary that explores the concept of no-touch torture and its implications for mind control and human manipulation. The content suggests that certain technological and chemical means, like psychotronic warfare and toxic pesticides, have been used to induce conditions akin to torture without physical contact, affecting individuals’ mental and physical health. The documentary is part of a broader discussion on how such methods could be employed in controlling or altering human behavior and consciousness.

For more detailed exploration, the documentary can be found on the Internet Archive: Touchless Torture Target Humanity.


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