BrainMap — Mind Control MKULTRA — “Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” — James W Lee docu


Mind Control MKULTRA — “Touchless Torture, Target Humanity” — James W Lee docu

Does Consciousness Extend Beyond Brains? The 2023 Holberg Debate, feat. Seth, Luhrmann, Rupert Sheldrake — Bioresonance with Soul, Mind, Consciousness


Does Consciousness Extend Beyond Brains

TOP 10 SONIC TORTURE SONGS FROM GITMO — Psychosonic Drugs – Psychosonic Attacks – Weaponizing Lady GaGa (or any artist / MP3)


Heavy Metal Music makes Killer Mice — Music, Mice & Mazes: David Merrell and His Famous Experiment – Shiller Institute

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Heavy Metal Music makes Killer Mice — Music, Mice & Mazes

Fear across the senses Brain responses to music vocalizations and facial expressions

Fear across the senses Brain responses to music vocalizations and facial expressions

Long-term music training tunes how the brain temporally binds signals from multiple senses

Practicing a musical instrument is a rich multisensory experience involving the integration of visual, auditory, and tactile inputs with motor responses. This combined psychophysics-fMRI study used the musician’s brain to investigate how sensory-motor experience molds temporal binding of auditory and visual signals. Behaviorally, musicians exhibited a narrower temporal integration window than nonmusicians for music but … Read more

The Brain, a Secret History, Mind Control “The Brain, a Secret History” is a book written by British journalist and author Ian Sample. The book explores the history of neuroscience, psychology, and the study of the human brain, focusing on key discoveries, breakthroughs, and controversies throughout history. While “The Brain, a Secret History” covers a wide range of topics related to … Read more

What Music Do Animals Like?

What Music Do Animals Like? Research published today by the American Psychological Association has shown that chimpanzees prefer listening to West African akan and North Indian raga over listening to silence. What does this say about the evolutionary purpose of music? Previous work by McDermott and Hauser showed that when tamarins and marmosets were given … Read more

TED Neuroscience Playlist – Human Hacking, Neurosci and Magic

stu     It seems like you might be referring to Stuart Palm, a magician who incorporates elements of neuroscience into his performances. Stuart Palm is known for his unique approach to magic, which combines traditional sleight of hand with principles from psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science to create captivating and thought-provoking illusions. Here are … Read more

MP3 vs. Uncompressed audio null test

When you subtract a mp3 file from its comparatively uncompressed origin, the result is surprisingly musical.  It is shocking how much information is lost between original and digitally-compressed mp3.  When played, what has been removed is shockingly song-like…almost like a twin has been removed.     An MP3 vs. uncompressed audio null test is an … Read more

Grant Morrison – Discussion of Magic – Omega Institute, 2005   Grant Morrison, the acclaimed comic book writer known for his work on titles such as “Batman,” “Superman,” and “The Invisibles,” has long been fascinated by the concept of magic and its potential applications in the modern world. In his discussion at the Omega Institute in 2005, Morrison likely explored a range of topics … Read more

Vortex based mathematics, linguistics, sound, numerology, intellect and spirituality

thoughts become words, but sometimes words become thoughts   Vortex-Based Mathematics (VBM) is a theoretical framework proposed by Marko Rodin that posits a fundamental role for numbers and mathematical relationships in the structure of the universe. According to Rodin, numbers and their geometric representations hold the key to understanding the underlying patterns and dynamics … Read more

God Helmet – Mind Booster of the Paranormal, Michael Persinger, Laurentian Univ

…reportedly results in the wearer experiencing hallucinations and other similar cognitive responses that, according to Persinger, manifested as visions of God or of being in the presence of God, among other things. If you’re unfamiliar, the God Helmet is a contraption – a helmet, obviously – that facilitates the transmission of low-frequency electromagnetic waves into … Read more