Must-Know Drum Grooves w/ Greg Bissonette / Rick Beato

  THE DRUMS (1935-2022) | THE GROOVES YOU NEED TO KNOW (feat. Gregg Bissonette)   === Drum rhythms and grooves are the heartbeat of music, providing the foundation for songs across various genres and styles. From rock and jazz to funk and Latin music, drummers play a vital role in shaping the feel and … Read more

Being real — When 50 bars of “drum solo” is 52 bars too many — the full-stymie of musical groove following inevitable devolution into full-swing drum-batting, or: Anti-Musical Foibles — Is it kind of like rock-climbing with farm equipment?

Steve Gadd: Signed, Sealed Delivered – Switzerland – 1989 #stevegadd #drumsolo #drummerworld I’m not “picking on” or singling out Steve Gadd; there are countless examples.  Gadd and many other soloists are professional masters beyond reproach.  I expect nearly no one will agree with if even understand the point I’m addressing — but I think screaming is not … Read more

Dynamics in Drumming, an Entire Dimension far too long squashed and squandered — Everything usually “Maximized” boosting every whisper to scream-volume

From the video comments — “It’s funny because far too many of the “pro” drum videos, MTV music videos, and actual pro performers, they essentially have Near-Zero dynamics and instead blast and belt away, fortissississississississimmmmmmmmmmo “ffff”, no FFFF, and more commonly full-freaking-blast, maximal arm-swings, baseball-bat sticks, real head-denting / cymbal-cracking FFFFFFFFFFF – and they get … Read more

Snare Drum Tunage — “It’s all about that tang”

This video is an in-depth response to the folks who have been asking me how I tune snare drums. Packed with a good bit of info it is useful for anyone really wanting to understand how to get great snare drum sound. Tuning is HUGE… but stick with me to the end to see how … Read more

The Rise of Drum Machine and How Drummers Adapted – Rick Beato     CGPT The history of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) drum machines is an integral part of the broader evolution of electronic music production. Since MIDI’s introduction in the early 1980s, drum machines that utilize this protocol have become staples in studios, live performances, and bedroom production setups worldwide. Here’s an overview of … Read more

Fleetwood Mac – The Outstanding Sound Of Mick Fleetwood | Recreating Iconic Drum Sounds     CGPT – FLEETWOOD MAC RECORDING TECHNIQUE, DRUM SOUND Fleetwood Mac, particularly during the era of their critically acclaimed album “Rumours” (1977), is known for their meticulous approach to recording and their distinctive, polished sound. One of the most celebrated aspects of their production is the drum sound, especially the work of their … Read more

Tune to Shell Tone   ===   Gregg Bissonette is a highly respected American drummer known for his versatile playing style and extensive work as a session musician and touring drummer. Born on June 9, 1959, in Detroit, Michigan, Bissonette began playing drums at a young age and quickly developed his skills. Throughout his career, Gregg Bissonette has … Read more

Gregg Bissonette Hears A Drumless Song Once And Plays It Perfectly

Sit in on an impromptu recording session with a pro session drummer.     ===   A drum chart, also known as a drum score or drum notation, is a written representation of a drum part or rhythm. Drum charts are used by drummers to learn and perform music accurately, particularly in situations where sheet … Read more

“There are four drummers on the Beatles music. Ringo is not one of them.” – Bernard Purdie, studio drummer   Overdubbing or Replacement? How many? Ringo Starr or Pete Best? Excellent, interesting clarifications.   From the video decription —   Research sources: Mark Lewisohn – 1: The Beatles – All These Years – Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In, Max Weinberg – The Big Beat, Gig Magazine, “Bernard Purdie: The … Read more

Show Tunes – Eden Bahar – Drumming For Cirque Du Soleil / DRUMEO   Cirque du Soleil, French for “Circus of the Sun,” is an internationally renowned Canadian entertainment company known for redefining the circus experience. Founded in 1984 by street performers Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Cirque du Soleil transformed the traditional circus by merging circus arts with street entertainment, without the use … Read more

Esoteric Nature of Music (1977 VHS)

Esoteric Nature of Music

A Look At Neil Peart’s Gear with Paul Wells

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Not to ‘pick on’ Gretsch, makers of excellent quality and sounding instruments, but this is interesting quote from Neil Peart: “…the company proved surprisingly uncooperative in regards to this [sound-off/comparison] test.” at ~47:00 into Part 2 (quoted from MODERN DRUMMER May 1987).  I wonder if Gretsch realized that … Read more

Take Five   “Take Five” is a jazz standard composed by saxophonist Paul Desmond and originally performed by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Here’s an overview of the song: 1. **Composition**: “Take Five” was composed by Paul Desmond, the saxophonist for the Dave Brubeck Quartet, in 5/4 time signature, which gives the song its distinctive rhythmic feel. … Read more

62 Heads – Aquarian, Evans, Remo — same snare, same tensioning, same hoops and hardware, same microphone, same player, kit, sticks and riff, amazing variety of tone

Drum Head Authority posted a grrrreat article on drum tone — probably the most-useful to-date —   Drumheads: More important than drum wood We’re covering drumheads first, because drumheads are by far the biggest factor in your drum sound. Out of everything, the drumheads you choose (and what you actually do with the heads) will contribute to the vast … Read more

Ian Schreier’s SM57 Drum Mic seminar   ===   The Shure SM57 is a versatile dynamic microphone that is commonly used for a variety of audio recording applications, including miking drums. While it’s not specifically designed as a drum mic, the SM57 is often employed on drums due to its durability, reliability, and ability to capture sound accurately across a … Read more

Learn To Drum In ANY Style with Gregg Bissonette   From video comments: “This man is just unbelievable. Not only is he among the most versatile drummers ever, but he is also a human rhythmic encyclopedia, and in every single note, pattern, groove or fill played we can appreciate all his love for the instrument, immense technical background and curiosity and enthusiasm for … Read more

Drums & Grooves w Gregg Bissonette & Rick Beato   ===   Drum grooves are rhythmic patterns played by drummers that form the foundation of a musical piece. Grooves typically consist of repeating patterns of beats and accents that establish the tempo, feel, and groove of a song. Drum grooves can vary widely in style, complexity, and feel, depending on the genre of … Read more

Best sounding snare in his life + the PDP Concept Maple Classic kit — Drum Center Portsmouth

Tony Interlande, GM at DC/NH — loves the unique sound     The PDP Concept Maple Classic kit is a drum set offered by Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP), a subsidiary of Drum Workshop Inc. (DW). The Concept Maple Classic series combines vintage-inspired design elements with modern construction techniques to create a versatile and … Read more