How Corruption and Greed Led to the Downfall of Rock Music – Jim Barber, Rick Beato

“You both could not have articulated this any better. This is an incredibly transparent documentary of what the radio/music industry was and has turned into. A “must watch” for all artists. Thank you for this!” Corporations epitomize sociopathy / psychopathy because they are required by law to do everything legally possible to gain money for … Read more

“It is bouncy. It is not an even movement.” — sans the guitar pick   === **Exploring Guitar Techniques: Fingerpicking vs. Guitar Pick** The world of guitar playing is rich with techniques and styles, each offering a unique approach to creating music. Two prominent techniques, fingerpicking and using a guitar pick, stand out for their distinct characteristics and impact on musical expression. In this blog post, we’ll delve … Read more

Must-Know Drum Grooves w/ Greg Bissonette / Rick Beato

  THE DRUMS (1935-2022) | THE GROOVES YOU NEED TO KNOW (feat. Gregg Bissonette)   === Drum rhythms and grooves are the heartbeat of music, providing the foundation for songs across various genres and styles. From rock and jazz to funk and Latin music, drummers play a vital role in shaping the feel and … Read more

The Bach Effect: What the GREATS Hear That You Don’t

Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach, a towering figure in classical music, profoundly influenced the baroque era and beyond. His compositions, characterized by complex counterpoint and harmonic innovations, set a high standard for musical complexity and emotional depth. Bach’s work in organ music, chorales, and fugues demonstrated his mastery of blending technical skill with expressiveness. … Read more

The Bernard Purdie Interview: Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin & “The Purdie Shuffle” Great comment: “So So refreshing, the slop, NO CLICK TRACK, totally human space, air, feel, slosh, groove. ”   Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is a highly acclaimed American drummer known for his influential contributions to popular music, particularly in the genres of funk, soul, jazz, and rock. He is renowned for his distinctive groove, impeccable … Read more

We are made stupider by the shortening of songs — A Warning On the Future of Music: with Author Ted Gioia

Songs shrunken and dumbed-down — 3 minutes is far too short to allow your mindset to become altered.  THE LENGTH MATTERS. “Really the most important people in music now are the CEO of Apple, the CEO of Google, the CEO of Spotify…none of them are from a music background…People [who] do not genuinely love … Read more

Why Today’s Music Is So BORING. The Regression of Musical Innovation – Rick Beato       The idea of the regression of musical innovation suggests a decline or stagnation in the development of new musical ideas or styles over time. However, it’s important to approach this concept with nuance, as the trajectory of musical innovation is complex and influenced by various factors. Here are some key points … Read more

Superb Info on Sessions, Tone, Guitars, Amps

Guitar amp tone refers to the specific sound characteristics produced by an amplifier when connected to an electric guitar. This tone can be influenced by various factors, including the type of amplifier (tube, solid-state, or digital), the settings on the amplifier (such as gain, volume, bass, midrange, treble, presence, etc.), the guitar being used, the … Read more

The Stewart Copeland Interview

Stewart Copeland is a British-American musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the drummer for the rock band The Police. Born on July 16, 1952, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, Copeland grew up in the Middle East and England before attending college in California. He began his musical career in the mid-1970s, playing with various bands … Read more

THE BROWN SOUND | The Secret of the VAN HALEN Guitar Tone! Eddie Van Halen famous guitar sound.  How it was achieved.   The “brown sound” is a term often associated with the guitar tone of Eddie Van Halen, the legendary guitarist of the band Van Halen. It refers to the rich, warm, and distinctive tone that he achieved, particularly in the early days of the … Read more

Long-time pro players / engineers explain and compare the reasons WHY behind their session, mics to mastering – welcome to Hyper School w/ Rick Beato and friends       === Studio microphone recording techniques involve various approaches to capturing sound in a recording environment, aiming to achieve the desired audio characteristics, spatial imaging, and overall quality. Here’s an overview of some common studio microphone recording techniques: 1. **Mono Recording**: – **Single Mic**: Using a single microphone to capture the … Read more

“There are four drummers on the Beatles music. Ringo is not one of them.” – Bernard Purdie, studio drummer   Overdubbing or Replacement? How many? Ringo Starr or Pete Best? Excellent, interesting clarifications.   From the video decription —   Research sources: Mark Lewisohn – 1: The Beatles – All These Years – Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In, Max Weinberg – The Big Beat, Gig Magazine, “Bernard Purdie: The … Read more

Tune to Shell Tone   ===   Gregg Bissonette is a highly respected American drummer known for his versatile playing style and extensive work as a session musician and touring drummer. Born on June 9, 1959, in Detroit, Michigan, Bissonette began playing drums at a young age and quickly developed his skills. Throughout his career, Gregg Bissonette has … Read more

The Rise of Drum Machine and How Drummers Adapted – Rick Beato     CGPT The history of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) drum machines is an integral part of the broader evolution of electronic music production. Since MIDI’s introduction in the early 1980s, drum machines that utilize this protocol have become staples in studios, live performances, and bedroom production setups worldwide. Here’s an overview of … Read more

Michael Omartian: One of the Unsung Giants of Music – Rick Beato — “These interviews should be in the Library of Congress” — great info on true session musicianship

‘Jazz players’ brains are wired differently.’ ‘Just do some [drum] fills.’ — 37:30 “It’s the limitations that make the artist, not the capabilities.” — 43:30 in   CGPT Michael Omartian is an influential American producer, composer, arranger, and musician whose work spans several decades and encompasses a wide range of music genres. Born on … Read more

Popularity of Music Genres — AI now reveals molding,melding and manipulation of modern music — Rick Beato: “You Won’t Believe These NEW Trends In Music”

According to CGPT — Rick Beato is a well-known musician, music producer, and educator who has gained significant popularity on YouTube for his insightful analysis of music theory, songwriting techniques, and the music industry in general. Beato’s content covers a wide range of topics, from deconstructing popular songs to discussing music production methods and interviewing … Read more

A million views on youtube earns $1,250 — Rick Beato: I Confronted the People That BLOCKED My Video (Rant)

Of Beato’s 750 youtube videos (original content): 250 are demonetized, the top/best 1/3rd of his videos. 465 copyright claims, 43 blocks (forced removals of his videos).   A million views of a youtube video earns $1,250