Music Will Get Worse – Music Has Gotten Worse

Music Will Get Worse

Dr. Richard Day, a prominent physician and professor of pediatrics, is said to be the original presenter of the information that “music will get worse”. He allegedly made these statements at a conference in 1969. Dr. Day was the National Medical Director of Planned Parenthood and reportedly spoke about various topics related to the New World Order, including the claim that “music will get worse.”

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The conference where Dr. Richard Day made these statements was a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society on March 20, 1969. Dr. Day, who was at that time the National Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, reportedly gave a speech to a group of doctors in which he discussed various predictions and plans related to a future global society, often referred to as the New World Order. His speech covered a wide range of topics, including changes in music, education, healthcare, and societal norms.

Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, one of the attendees, later recalled and reported Dr. Day’s remarks in detail. Dunegan’s recollections were later circulated among conspiracy theory circles, where Dr. Day’s speech has been interpreted as revealing a planned agenda for societal transformation.

Music Will Get Worse

Quantization is Decimation

“…sterile, generic, quantized rock music that has no vibe at all.”

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“In 2024 it’s so funny to hear this now, because we had posted this exact same sentiment, exact same reasons, 15 years ago or more.”

Music Will Get Worse

Lack of diversity. More formulaic. Creativity-blunted arrangers merely following trends. Too cheap and easy to make. Too cheap and easy to consume.

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“100,000 new songs added every day in 2023 to the various streaming platforms; that’s more than one song per second for the entire year.”

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“All of the music that exists is available for $10.99 per month on Spotify.”

“…which is why music is not as valued by young people; there is no sweat-equity put into obtaining it.”

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