There’s no such thing as a ‘wrong note’ in Bluegrass

Ricky Skagg’s guitarist plays a progression that includes all 12 notes, but with emphasis on the triad of G.     === Exploring “Wrong” Notes in Bluegrass Music: The Forgiving Nature of Playing All 12 Notes In the vibrant world of bluegrass music, there’s a unique relationship between notes, chords, and the freedom of … Read more

“If it isn’t recorded, it doesn’t exist” — The One Thing Every Influential Guitar Tone Has In Common

“I love how you have created a goldmine of fantastic guitar youtube content by doing 1 simple thing no one has ever thought to do in the history of guitar youtube: Apply critical thinking skills.” “You’re the hero the guitar community didn’t want, but the hero we so desperately need.” “I’m curious about the 43 … Read more

360 degree SPINNING guitar neck is incredible!

Introducing the Future of Guitar Design: The Spinning Guitar Neck by Matthias Krantz In the world of musical innovation, there are pioneers who push the boundaries of traditional instruments to create groundbreaking designs. One such visionary is Matthias Krantz, an acclaimed guitar designer known for his revolutionary approach to instrument craftsmanship. In this blog post, … Read more

Blues and the Tuning of the World: Gary Lucas

“The voice of God speaks through a bent note. Howling. Wailing.”   Content Published on May 23, 2013 Dubbed “The Thinking Man’s Guitar Hero” by The New Yorker, “The world’s most popular Avant-rock guitarist” by The Independent (UK), “One of the 100 Greatest Living Guitarists” (Classic Rock), “Legendary Leftfield guitarist” by The Guardian (UK), “Guitarist … Read more

Egyptian Scale Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website… Q). One problem I’m having when studying scales is that I don’t fully understand how to apply them. Especially, exotic scales. So, could you go through how a guitarist should approach this? Maybe, run through a scale for me … Read more

How to set your intonation correctly, and always play in tune

In this guitar lesson I go over everything you need to know about setting your intonation on any guitar. It works for hard tails, tune o matics, floyd rose, all bridges. You will use this information for the rest of the time you play on your gibson, fender, Ibanez, or any guitar. See also … Read more

Sacred Geometry and Pat Martino

Pat Martino sheds some light on the Nature of Sacred Geometry and its relationship to Music.     Pat Martino was a renowned jazz guitarist and composer known for his complex musical theories and deep connection to spirituality and philosophy in his approach to music. One of the more intriguing aspects of Martino’s life … Read more

An excellent rendition of Dire Straits’ “Sultans of Swing”

“On August 18, 2022, I had the fortune of encountering Aryeh and Gil Gat again, whom I first encountered four years prior. This time I did it right: I recorded horizontally AND I stayed to listen to over a dozen songs. ”   === “Sultans of Swing” is a song by the British rock … Read more

A DIY Tunable Pickup: Any sound, one pickup

A guitar pickup is a device used to capture the sound of vibrating guitar strings and convert it into an electrical signal that can be amplified and heard through a guitar amplifier or recording equipment. Pickups are an essential component of electric and electric-acoustic guitars, as they play a crucial role in shaping the instrument’s … Read more

The ROCKMAN Headphone Amp | Def Leppard “Hysteria” Guitar Tones   The Rockman headphone amp is a portable headphone amplifier designed for guitarists and bassists to practice silently or monitor their instrument’s sound privately. It was developed by Tom Scholz, the guitarist of the band Boston, and initially released in the 1980s. The Rockman headphone amp gained popularity for its compact size, built-in effects, … Read more

Can you not hear the stark differences between $200, $2,000, $20,000, and $200,000 guitars?   Brandon Acker importance of characteristics — Playability – not fighting the player Timbre Resonance Projection (un-trapped) Sustain – all fundamental, no overtone, coloration   Notes on guitars and price points — $200 guitar – overbuilt inside for abuse, cheap laminated top.  Sound is trapped, no colored overtones. $2k guitar – solid top but … Read more

Superb Info on Sessions, Tone, Guitars, Amps

Guitar amp tone refers to the specific sound characteristics produced by an amplifier when connected to an electric guitar. This tone can be influenced by various factors, including the type of amplifier (tube, solid-state, or digital), the settings on the amplifier (such as gain, volume, bass, midrange, treble, presence, etc.), the guitar being used, the … Read more

Celestion, on building guitar cabinets

Content   September 16, 2011 A 1×12 comboAs guitar speakers are different, so their cabinets are different. The box design is acoustically less critical than that for hi-fi or PA systems, but proper construction is essential. Primarily, the cabinet is a convenient way of housing the speaker, so it should be solidly built to ensure … Read more

Cardas ‘223’ Guitar Cable

As seen at NAMM 2014. The all new Cardas ‘223’ Guitar Cable with Cardas ‘223 Plugs’ is a small diameter, high performance instrument cable. Medium capacitance, and high propagation velocity. Silver clad conductors and Foam PTFE dielectric. Very quiet, with low microphonics. Ideal for lead guitar.     The Cardas “223” guitar cable is … Read more

Building the perfect guitar: Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith — guitar-maker, musician, songwriter and the Founder and Managing General Partner of Paul Reed Smith Guitars, was born in Bethesda, Maryland. He made his first playable guitar for extra credit at St. Mary’s College. In 1985, he…   Paul Reed Smith (PRS) is a renowned guitar maker known for crafting high-quality … Read more

How to Set Up and Intonate an Acoustic Guitar Setting up and intonating an acoustic guitar properly is crucial for ensuring that the instrument plays in tune across the entire fretboard. While intonation adjustments on acoustic guitars can be more challenging than on electric guitars due to their fixed bridge systems, there are several steps you can take to improve intonation and overall … Read more

You Are Tuning Your Guitar Wrong. I Guarantee It. By Scott Grove   Scott Grove is a guitarist known for his online guitar lessons and tutorials, covering a wide range of topics including guitar tuning, playing techniques, and music theory. He has a particular interest in unconventional approaches to music and guitar playing, which includes his perspectives on guitar tuning. Grove has discussed various tuning methods … Read more

Van Halen/ Prince Engineer Peggy McCreary reflects on her career at Sunset Sound Recording Engineer, Peggy McCreary started her career as an engineer at Sunset Sound in the 1970’s. Being one of the first female engineers was not an easy task but with in a short amount of time she was working 2nd chair on Van Halen and Elton John as well as being head engineer for … Read more

50-year old Heathkit Fuzz Pedal, FranLab     Heathkit was a well-known manufacturer of DIY electronics kits, including various audio equipment such as amplifiers, radios, and speakers. While Heathkit did not produce a specific fuzz pedal, they did offer kits for building guitar effects pedals, including distortion, fuzz, and overdrive units. One of the most notable kits produced by … Read more

THE BROWN SOUND | The Secret of the VAN HALEN Guitar Tone! Eddie Van Halen famous guitar sound.  How it was achieved.   The “brown sound” is a term often associated with the guitar tone of Eddie Van Halen, the legendary guitarist of the band Van Halen. It refers to the rich, warm, and distinctive tone that he achieved, particularly in the early days of the … Read more

Why The Major Scale Is So Important (It’s More Than Just A Scale)   ===   The major scale is one of the most fundamental and widely used musical scales in Western music. It is a diatonic scale consisting of seven notes, with a specific pattern of intervals between each note. The pattern of intervals for a major scale is as follows: 1. Whole step (W) 2. … Read more

Gittler Guitar

This is from some years ago but still interesting to those who didn’t see it then, nor since… comments — “After the fretless guitars, now we have the guitarless frets. amazing.” “The alder body really gives the notes that clean sustain and harmonic edge. The all maple neck and fretboard gives the strings that … Read more

What My Guitar Taught Me About Improving Education: Steve Joordens

Steve Joordens is a multiple award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough. His passion for teaching is reflected every year in the faces of the 1800 students in Introductory Psychology. He is continuously engaging his students with…   Steve Joordens is indeed a highly acclaimed lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). … Read more

Cardas Golden Ratio Guitar Pickups

Custom made body & hardware to George’s specifications by Borealis Guitars, then hotrodded with George’s own Golden Ratio Pickups and non-capacitive Golden Ratio tone control (ie, a tone control you’ll actually use).        

Why do they make the bass strings wound in the first place?

Increased mass. ————- Scott Wallace Bass strings are wound to make them heavier but still remain elastic. Plain metal (or nylon, or gut) strings don’t sound good in the bass. —————- Brian Coverstone There are three things that change the pitch of the string. The string thickness, the length, and the tightness. When you tune … Read more