How we change voltage on a transformer

Former transformer designer here; just to nitpick a tiny bit – there are 3 types of tap changers: OLTC – On load tap changer (Also called LTC): Can change taps on load NLTC – No load tap changer: Can only change taps while there is no load but still energized DETC – Deenergized tap changer: … Read more

Winding and Assembly of 125 HP Electric Motor Herold & Mielenz Inc. CGPY Replacing a residential power transformer or winding and assembling a 125 HP (Horsepower) electric motor are two highly technical and specialized tasks that require professional expertise. While the first pertains to electrical infrastructure, the latter involves the manufacturing or repair of industrial electric motors. Below is a general overview … Read more

Axial Flux Motors   CGPT An axial flux motor, also known as a pancake motor due to its flat and disc-like shape, represents a type of electric motor that differs significantly from the more common radial flux motor in terms of design and magnetic flux direction. In an axial flux motor, the magnetic flux flows along the … Read more