Drum Physics, why drums sound the way they sound

1 MASS 2 BEARING EDGES 3 WRAPS / LAQUERS, COATINGS 4 HEADS 5 WOOD OR METAL – yes, it matters, depending on application, it may matter more or less.   SONOR TAMA – beech Japanese drums — birch rosewood, bubinga, cherry, walnut, oak — more exotics Acrolyte Brass Steel Aluminum Phosphor bronze Maple   Wood … Read more

More Under Malta – ADVANCED PRE-FLOOD civilization FOUND Underground in Malta, Paul Cook

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxW4435TRrU Multiple-level underground complex, built with geopolymer, mudflooded/covered, forgotten.          

Popularity of Music Genres — AI now reveals molding,melding and manipulation of modern music — Rick Beato: “You Won’t Believe These NEW Trends In Music”

AI compiles trends in music, from Billboard charts. What is happening in music overall. Topics of songs.  How many words in titles.  Genres.   2024 — Popularity in Music Styles Genre Pct Hip-Hop 27% Pop 27% Country 20% Rock 19% R&B 9% Latin 6% Dance/EDM 3%     150% massive leap in country music in … Read more

Dynamics in Drumming, an Entire Dimension far too long squashed and squandered — Everything usually “Maximized” boosting every whisper to scream-volume

From the video comments — “It’s funny because far too many of the “pro” drum videos, MTV music videos, and actual pro performers, they essentially have Near-Zero dynamics and instead blast and belt away, fortissississississississimmmmmmmmmmo “ffff”, no FFFF, and more commonly full-freaking-blast, maximal arm-swings, baseball-bat sticks, real head-denting / cymbal-cracking FFFFFFFFFFF – and they get … Read more

Physics of Magic — Surprises from rubbing the wrong way – A public lecture by Tadashi Tokieda — Stanford Institute for Advanced Studies

Chain / Ring Trick Cheap ball chain used in experiment / magic trick Clasping ring used in experiment / magic trick Coin Flip Trick Indian Dancing Rope Trick Spinning Egg Friction and Pivot Blocked ladder falls faster Anomalies magnified This possibly explains why diamegnetic electrical conductors experience torsion during current flow? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd2AgmL_iBU       … Read more

“Earthing”, Electrical Grounding and the Power Grid — Where Does Grounded Electricity Actually Go?

“The ground is really just another wire…although not a great one.” ~ 7:50 in Current doesn’t flow to the ground; it flows through the ground and back up. If there is electricity moving into the ground from an energized conductor, go back to the source of that conductor and see what’s happening. For the grid, … Read more

Admission: Microsoft software team, from top down, knowingly produced security-weak, inferior products

This key guy says so, from minute 3 – 5. From the comments: “Shows the deep dumbness of their design philosophy. The continual recreation ensures perpetual havoc…beneficial to the guy who can’t even sell his own software virus-free, let alone be in-charge of keeping the world [virus]-free.”  [because MS can sell more manuals, training, support, … Read more


It’s not as big or majestic as I had imagined.  It’s homey and personable, approachable in fact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uO5R5RpGdc   Ludwig sells more “Ringo [Starr] Wrap” than any other wrap they’ve ever used.  Wraps can be applied to any wood shells.   Living enthusiasm — millions of persons have been happified directly via the drums produced, … Read more

Michael Omartian: One of the Unsung Giants of Music – Rick Beato — “These interviews should be in the Library of Congress” — great info on true session musicianship

‘Jazz players’ brains are wired differently.’ ‘Just do some [drum] fills.’ — 37:30 “It’s the limitations that make the artist, not the capabilities.” — 43:30 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-fEKf3Av3c

Snare Drum Tunage — “It’s all about that tang”

This video is an in-depth response to the folks who have been asking me how I tune snare drums. Packed with a good bit of info it is useful for anyone really wanting to understand how to get great snare drum sound. Tuning is HUGE… but stick with me to the end to see how … Read more

This is what EMR and EMF are doing to your blood right now and what you can do about it

Carolyn Mansfield Photonics https://youtu.be/Z-bC0GZC8UU When you understand the work of Dr Pollack into EZ WATER, liquid-crystal structured water, the 4th phase of water, and its explanation for the capillary flow of blood, then the information in this video becomes more horrifying logarithmically.   NORMAL BLOOD   UNHEALTHY / CLUMPED / STACKED BLOOD AFTER EXPOSURE TO … Read more

Does Consciousness Extend Beyond Brains? The 2023 Holberg Debate, feat. Seth, Luhrmann, Sheldrake — bio-resonance with soul, mind, consciousness

Do conscious experiences happen both within and outside the brain, and can science solve the ‘hard problem’ of consciousness? At this year’s Holberg Debate, Tanya Luhrmann, Anil Seth and Rupert Sheldrake will take on the deep scientific and philosophical mystery of consciousness. The debate will be chaired by David Malone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofSUaZOW9h8 Callees who predict who … Read more

1994 Denver Airport Mural — Oxygen Limiting Masks, Worldwide

    Directly relating to speed limiters, breathing limiters — https://soundquality.org/2024/02/breathing-limiter-introduced-as-vr-sim-akin-to-speed-limiter-can-you-connect-their-dots-yet/ https://soundquality.org/2024/02/more-lies-car-safety-standards-peggy-hall/ https://soundquality.org/2024/01/more-big-bro-gov-insanity-speed-limiters-on-all-trucks/   Preplanning for oxygen depletion dates back to at least 1994 when the Denver Airport murals “predicted” an awful future. Of course the best way to fulfill a “prediction” is to cause. Aldous Huxley wrote, decades ago, about how most citizens would … Read more

Breathing Limiter introduced as VR-sim — akin to Speed Limiter — can you connect their dots yet?

Can you connect their dots yet?   https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=NSKGN14MDBX6   One step beyond https://soundquality.org/2024/02/more-lies-car-safety-standards-peggy-hall/ and https://soundquality.org/2024/01/more-big-bro-gov-insanity-speed-limiters-on-all-trucks/

Auto-Ticketing — More Lies – “Car Safety Standards” — Peggy Hall

Auto-ticketing soon reality. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=RRN2371HKA61   Support pillars.  Why belt-lines rising, windows shrinking? https://rumble.com/v2dxzln-more-lies-car-safety-standards.html ZERO-EMISSIONS MYTH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfsZpvoZ__Y  

More Big Bro GOV Insanity — Speed Limiters on all Trucks

The proposal to require truck owners and fleets to implement an engine control unit — also known as a speed limiter — in all trucks manufactured after 2023 has created somewhat of a stir in the trucking industry. The traditional resistance to speeding has worked fine — police, state troopers, RADAR, expensive accidents.  Centralizing control … Read more

Music Theory / Magick / Harmony / 432 hz & more… Dr Narco Longo / Old World Florida

“There’s a guy that did a Ted Talk on metal heads showing their capacity to better integrate feelings of rage and anger. They get that release in the music. So when you spoke of the darker fairy tales that came to mind. Metal music I believe assists in the integration of the shadow. They’re able … Read more

What can DEW this kind of damage? Normal, open-air fire does not melt steel, that takes a blast furnace – Why farming equipment, (1200+) food production sites spontaneously combusting?

  Catalogging the strange destructions of farm equipment.  Is this another assault on food production?  …that accompanies the thousands of food processing facilities that have recently “burned” similarly strangely? It appears that the aluminum and non-steel / non-ferrous metals evaporated from heat and/or puddled.  Glass is similarly affected.  Ceramics appear to be powderized.  Is the … Read more