Music Will Get Worse – Music Has Gotten Worse

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Music Will Get Worse – Music Has Gotten Worse – Dr. Richard Day, a prominent physician and professor of pediatrics, is said to be the original presenter of the information that “music will get worse”. He allegedly made these statements at a conference in 1969. Dr. Day was the National Medical Director of Planned Parenthood and reportedly spoke about various topics related to the New World Order, including the claim that “music will get worse.”

Most Entitled Bikini Barista vs Most Entitled Caffeine Fiend – What internal songs might be playing? Hammatime SplishSplash

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Most Entitled Bikini Barista – The traction of idiocy is not about respect, shame, her feelings and emotions, nor his action (or her hammer-blow), but instead it’s the gawk-at-idiocy that amuses, enthralls — it’s Real-Life PHIL DONAHUE.