Guitar Pick Thickness vs Tone

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Guitar Pick Thickness Understanding Guitar Picks: Flexibility vs. Rigidity and Their Effects on Sound Quality Guitar picks, though small in size, play a significant role in shaping the sound of a guitar. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, each contributing uniquely to the tone and feel of the instrument. One of the most … Read more

The Sound of 3D Printed Guitars


I got a friend and incredible guitarist, Nadav Tabak, to do a little video clip of my 3D printed guitars in action in a range of different styles of music, and showing off some of the different designs. The clip goes through chords, finger picking, funk, blues, heavy rock, progressive, and alternative rock. The bodies … Read more

Cardas Golden Ratio Guitar Pickups

Cardas Pickups

Cardas Golden Ratio Guitar Pickups Custom made body & hardware to George’s specifications by Borealis Guitars, then hotrodded with George’s own Golden Ratio Pickups and non-capacitive Golden Ratio tone control (ie, a tone control you’ll actually use).

How to Set Up and Intonate an Acoustic Guitar

intonation scaled Setting up and intonating an acoustic guitar properly is crucial for ensuring that the instrument plays in tune across the entire fretboard. While intonation adjustments on acoustic guitars can be more challenging than on electric guitars due to their fixed bridge systems, there are several steps you can take to improve intonation and overall … Read more

Why do they make the bass strings wound in the first place?

Increased mass. ————- Scott Wallace Bass strings are wound to make them heavier but still remain elastic. Plain metal (or nylon, or gut) strings don’t sound good in the bass. —————- Brian Coverstone There are three things that change the pitch of the string. The string thickness, the length, and the tightness. When you tune … Read more

You Are Tuning Your Guitar Wrong. I Guarantee It. By Scott Grove   Scott Grove is a guitarist known for his online guitar lessons and tutorials, covering a wide range of topics including guitar tuning, playing techniques, and music theory. He has a particular interest in unconventional approaches to music and guitar playing, which includes his perspectives on guitar tuning. Grove has discussed various tuning methods … Read more