Blues and the Tuning of the World – Gary Lucas

Blues and the Tuning of the World

“The voice of God speaks through a bent note. Howling. Wailing.”


Published on May 23, 2013

Dubbed “The Thinking Man’s Guitar Hero” by The New Yorker, “The world’s most popular Avant-rock guitarist” by The Independent (UK), “One of the 100 Greatest Living Guitarists” (Classic Rock), “Legendary Leftfield guitarist” by The Guardian (UK), “Guitarist of 1000 Ideas” by The New York Times, “a true axe God” by Melody Maker, and “One of the five best guitarists in the world” by the national Czech newspaper Lidove Noviny, the British world music magazine fRoots recently described Gary Lucas as “without question, the most innovative and challenging guitarist playing today.” Rolling Stone’s David Fricke wrote: “Gary Lucas is one of the best and most original guitarists in America…a modern guitar miracle.”

“Blues and the Tuning of the World” is a concept explored by musician Gary Lucas, which delves into the idea that the blues, as a musical genre, taps into universal themes and resonates with the human experience across cultures and time periods. Lucas, a guitarist known for his work in various genres including blues, rock, and experimental music, has discussed how the blues tradition reflects fundamental aspects of the human condition, such as struggle, resilience, and longing.

The phrase “tuning of the world” may refer to the idea that music, and the blues in particular, has the power to resonate with people on a deep level, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. It suggests that the themes and emotions expressed in blues music are universal and speak to something fundamental about the human experience.

Blues and the Tuning of the World

In his exploration of this concept, Lucas may touch upon the origins and evolution of the blues, its cultural significance, and its influence on other genres of music. He may also discuss how the blues tradition has been preserved and adapted by musicians around the world, contributing to a global musical dialogue.

Overall, “Blues and the Tuning of the World” is a concept that celebrates the power of music to connect people across boundaries and evoke profound emotional responses. It recognizes the blues as a timeless and universal art form that continues to resonate with listeners around the globe.

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