Guitar Pick Thickness vs Tone

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Guitar Pick Thickness Understanding Guitar Picks: Flexibility vs. Rigidity and Their Effects on Sound Quality Guitar picks, though small in size, play a significant role in shaping the sound of a guitar. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, each contributing uniquely to the tone and feel of the instrument. One of the most … Read more

Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water? – Talking Point – Full Episode


Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water

The Sound of 3D Printed Guitars


I got a friend and incredible guitarist, Nadav Tabak, to do a little video clip of my 3D printed guitars in action in a range of different styles of music, and showing off some of the different designs. The clip goes through chords, finger picking, funk, blues, heavy rock, progressive, and alternative rock. The bodies … Read more