Faraday’s Electrochemistry: The Mysterious Nature of Oxidation

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Does metal spontaneously smoulder at ambient temperature with some invisible fire? Hydrogen – “Water generator” RE “hyper-rusting” seen after steel has been microwaved. Faraday’s Electrochemistry is a fundamental concept in chemistry that elucidates the mysterious nature of oxidation, particularly in the context of electrochemical reactions. Michael Faraday, a renowned scientist from the 19th century, made … Read more

Batteries 2019 — The Future of Energy Storage – Professor Yet-Ming Chiang, MIT

future batteries

Abstract   What have been the key battery technology breakthroughs to get us to where we are now? What are some new opportunities for large-scale energy storage & what’s MIT doing? What are some key lessons for startups to be successful in the battery industry?   Content   Energy storage will play an increasingly important … Read more

Nick Lane: The electrical origins of life


Nick Lane: The electrical origins of life

Original Purpose of the Pyramids — The Only Theory to address all aspects of all pyramids — summary 2023-05

Original Purpose of the Pyramids

Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water? – Talking Point – Full Episode


Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water

Vibration as Control Mechanism

Vibration as Control Mechanism – Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) is a controversial concept that refers to the purported ability to remotely monitor and manipulate the neural activity of individuals using advanced technology, typically without their consent or awareness

The Spiral Periodic Table that you have never seen before

russell table

In this theory the elements of the Periodic Table are standing waves over a period of time. Time is continuously being formed by the spontaneous absorption and emission of light waves of EMR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhg2uOSb-LA     The Spiral Periodic Table, also known as the helical or circular periodic table, is an alternative representation of the … Read more