Nick Lane: The electrical origins of life

“This lecture offers evidence that the cellular manufacture of disease can be caused by external (microwave, cellphone) wireless radiation.”

In this talk, Professor Nick Lane uses life as a guide to its own origins. Modern cells use electrical charges on membranes to drive their metabolism, which in turn makes the building blocks of genes and proteins. Lane shows that equivalent processes were possible in ancient hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean. Electrical charges on mineral barriers can drive the reaction of gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide to power a spontaneous proto-metabolism, and ultimately the emergence of genetic information. The genetic code conceals enigmatic patterns that suggest there were once direct interactions between amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, and the first genes. The talk ends with some thoughts on how these processes might culminate in cells developing agency and a rudimentary stream of consciousness.


From the comments:

At around 4:30 in or so, it’s wholly STUPID and MISLEADING to say “[by breathing out CO2] we’re [all] contributing our own little bit to ‘global warming'”, for two reasons: (1) Global Warming is STILL just another unproven and in fact unevidenced theory; (2) plants consume CO2 like we consume O2.

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