Weaponization of Sound – Mark Devlin

RE: mark devlin “weaponization of sound”, describing military weapons (lrad, v2k voice-to-skull, etc), cultural manipulation, and involvement of military-intelligence in major bands. ~15:00: “Music has been getting dumber.” — Mark Devlin, Million Song Dataset An mp3 encoding, electronically inverted and then added to its original source file results in a readily perceptible and discernible-quality version … Read more

Do Pyramids Have Strange Powers? 7 Day Experiment Reveals SECRET – Praveen Mohan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExX65rG7FQg     37:35 “the growth of the seeds [in the stone pyramid for 4 days] is only about half of [the growth of the seeds] in the stone [box]” 1:06:00 “when you look at the potato in the pyramid, you can tell it does not have as much fungal attack as the potato in … Read more

Rock Dust, Paramagnetism and Towers of Power and how they affect plant growth

PDF — rock dust paramagnetism power towers plant growth bill nicholson ARCHIVE — https://web.archive.org/web/20130510224139/https://www.geelongsustainability.org.au/resources/Documents/rock%20dust%20_%20paramagnetism.pdf     Philip Callahan was an American biophysicist and author known for his research in the field of agriculture, particularly for his work on the effects of paramagnetism and rock dust on plant growth. He proposed the theory that paramagnetism in soil, along … Read more

Nick Lane: The electrical origins of life

“This lecture offers evidence that the cellular manufacture of disease can be caused by external (microwave, cellphone) wireless radiation.” In this talk, Professor Nick Lane uses life as a guide to its own origins. Modern cells use electrical charges on membranes to drive their metabolism, which in turn makes the building blocks of genes and … Read more