Do Pyramids Have Strange Powers? 7 Day Experiment Reveals SECRET – Praveen Mohan



37:35 “the growth of the seeds [in the stone pyramid for 4 days] is only about half of [the growth of the seeds] in the stone [box]”

1:06:00 “when you look at the potato in the pyramid, you can tell it does not have as much fungal attack as the potato in the stone house; it’s been preserved better”



Praveen Mohan is an Indian author, researcher, and YouTuber known for his investigations into ancient civilizations, megalithic structures, and archaeological mysteries. He has gained a significant following for his YouTube channel where he shares videos documenting his explorations and findings at various historical sites around the world.

One of the topics Praveen Mohan has explored is the concept of “pyramid power,” which refers to the purported mystical or supernatural properties attributed to pyramidal structures. Proponents of pyramid power suggest that pyramids possess unique energy fields or vibrations that can affect physical objects, living organisms, and the surrounding environment in beneficial ways.

Some of the supposed powers associated with pyramids include:

1. **Energy Amplification**: It is believed by some that pyramids can amplify and focus energy, including electromagnetic energy, cosmic rays, or subtle energy fields. This idea is often linked to the geometric shape of the pyramid, which is said to possess unique resonance properties.

2. **Healing and Meditation**: Advocates of pyramid power claim that spending time inside or near pyramids can promote physical healing, reduce stress, and enhance meditation practices. Some suggest that the energy fields generated by pyramids can have a harmonizing effect on the body and mind.

3. **Preservation**: Some proponents of pyramid power propose that pyramids have the ability to preserve organic matter, such as food or biological specimens, by slowing down the decay process or inhibiting microbial growth.

While pyramid power has captured the imagination of many enthusiasts, it is important to note that these claims are largely speculative and lack scientific evidence to support them. Skeptics argue that the purported effects of pyramid power can be attributed to psychological factors, suggestion, and placebo effects rather than any inherent properties of the pyramids themselves.

Praveen Mohan’s investigations into pyramid power and other archaeological mysteries contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding ancient civilizations and the enduring fascination with their architectural achievements. However, it is essential to approach such topics with critical thinking and a discerning eye, considering both the evidence and the speculative nature of many claims.

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