Weaponization of Sound – Mark Devlin


Weaponization of Sound

Christianity, Catholicism, Religion, Faith and the Filthe on the Radio and in the Media


    THE CHURCH OF ATLANTIS: Sunday Service LIVE w/ Dr Longo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W5UuALKmOg   Books Study Bible Devil’s Pulpit === Compare Christianity vs Catholicism Christianity and Catholicism are related but distinct concepts. Here’s a comparison: 1. **Beliefs**: – **Christianity**: Refers to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It includes various denominations such … Read more

Lloyd Pye, Brien Foerster & Jerry Wills – 2 hours, Red Ice

Lloyd Pye is a researcher, author and lecturer. His subject areas include Intervention Theory, Hominoids, human origins and the Starchild Skull. Brien Foerster is a professional sculptor and author known for his research on the megalithic sites of South America. He is also the assistant director of the Paracas History Museum in Paracas, south of … Read more