Alison Krauss is THE gold standard in pitch control! Here’s the PROOF!

42 Grammy nominations do not lie.   CGPT Pitch control refers to the process of altering or regulating the pitch (the perceived frequency of sound) of an audio signal. This concept is widely applied in various contexts, including music production, performance, and playback of recorded audio. The ability to control pitch is crucial … Read more

Show Tunes – Eden Bahar – Drumming For Cirque Du Soleil / DRUMEO   Cirque du Soleil, French for “Circus of the Sun,” is an internationally renowned Canadian entertainment company known for redefining the circus experience. Founded in 1984 by street performers Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Cirque du Soleil transformed the traditional circus by merging circus arts with street entertainment, without the use … Read more

Sage of Quay™ – Mike Williams – Did Bernard Purdie Play Drums on 21 Beatle Songs?

“98% of the groups are not [playing] on their own records.” – Bernard Purdie     Bernard Purdie is a highly acclaimed American drummer known for his versatile and influential contributions to the world of music, particularly in the genres of jazz, funk, and soul. Born on June 11, 1939, in Elkton, Maryland, Purdie’s … Read more

Ways for Musicians to Harmonize Their Careers With Their Wallets by Stephanie Haywood

Ways for Musicians to Harmonize Their Careers With Their Wallets Earning a living as an artist has always been like scaling a cliff without a harness. For musical performers, recent world events have toughened the challenge. If you depend on money from taking the stage, think about exploring alternative sources of revenue. Many profitable paths … Read more