Being real — When 50 bars of “drum solo” is 52 bars too many — The full-stymie of musical groove following inevitable devolution into full-swing drum-batting, or: Anti-Musical Foiblishness — Is it kind of like rock-climbing with farm equipment?

Anti-Musical Foiblishness

Music-color associations are mediated by emotion

Abstract   Experimental evidence demonstrates robust cross-modal matches between music and colors that are mediated by emotional associations. US and Mexican participants chose colors that were most/least consistent with 18 selections of classical orchestral music by Bach, Mozart, and Brahms. In both cultures, faster music in the major mode produced color choices that were more … Read more

Insight into why the musical magic of Muscle Shoals / FAME, stellar at first, then “faded”

Spot-on, I think, Comment from the video — “It’s funny that it starts out mentioning that the engineer knew and made (or at least serviced) all the equipment, and the sound quality was great. But then, technology moved in, and the engineer became disconnected, and there hasn’t been “that sound” or any true hit ever … Read more

Practice Does Not Make Perfect – No Causal Effect of Music Practice on Music Ability

Abstract The relative importance of nature and nurture for various forms of expertise has been intensely debated. Music proficiency is viewed as a general model for expertise, and associations between deliberate practice and music proficiency have been interpreted as supporting the prevailing idea that long-term deliberate practice inevitably results in increased music ability. Here, we … Read more

Sight over sound in the judgment of music performance

The concept of “sight over sound” in the judgment of music performance refers to the tendency for visual cues to influence or even override auditory perceptions when evaluating a musical performance. This phenomenon highlights the complex interaction between visual and auditory stimuli in shaping our perception of music. Research in psychology has shown that visual … Read more

Automotive Audio: Tubed Tunes on the Go — Robb Report Collection

“If musical accuracy is what you are seeking, the Milbert is most certainly the Holy Grail of auto sound.”   Content Jeff Dorgay 06 / 01 / 2005 Milbert BaM-235 Car Amplifier Many of today’s mobile audio magazines feature rock stars and athletes who have invested the equivalent of a sizable down payment for a … Read more

Musical Training and Late-Life Cognition

“Musical Training and Late-Life Cognition” refers to a growing body of research exploring the potential cognitive benefits of musical training in older adults. This line of inquiry investigates whether engaging in musical activities earlier in life may have a positive impact on cognitive function and brain health as individuals age. Several studies have suggested that … Read more

Long-term music training tunes how the brain temporally binds signals from multiple senses

Practicing a musical instrument is a rich multisensory experience involving the integration of visual, auditory, and tactile inputs with motor responses. This combined psychophysics-fMRI study used the musician’s brain to investigate how sensory-motor experience molds temporal binding of auditory and visual signals. Behaviorally, musicians exhibited a narrower temporal integration window than nonmusicians for music but … Read more

What My Guitar Taught Me About Improving Education: Steve Joordens

Steve Joordens is a multiple award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough. His passion for teaching is reflected every year in the faces of the 1800 students in Introductory Psychology. He is continuously engaging his students with…   Steve Joordens is indeed a highly acclaimed lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). … Read more

Classical Guitar Innovator: Eliot Fisk

Guitarist Eliot Fisk plays Bach, Sor and Tarrega and talks about his special relationship with guitar legend Andres Segovia.   Eliot Fisk is celebrated as one of the most innovative and influential classical guitarists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Born on August 10, 1954, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Fisk has made significant … Read more

Classical guitar is NOT boring: Marina Alexandra   Marina Alexandra is an accomplished classical guitarist known for her technical skill, expressive playing, and contributions to the classical guitar community. Though specific biographical details about her might need to be more widely known, she has made a name for herself through performances, teaching, and her efforts to promote classical guitar music. ### … Read more

Music as a Language: Victor Wooten

In Music as a Language Wooten makes the case for learning music in the same way as we learned our first language, calling for a more natural, less academic approach. He makes the point that, as babies, we weren’t taught our first language … can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Music as a … Read more