What is Sound Healing and How Does It Work?


Sound Healing

“FAUL” – Did Paul McCartney 1 Die in 1966? …vocal analysis

Faul vocalanalysis

Did Paul McCartney 1 Die in 1966

nanoVoice Voice Profiling – freeware

Voice telltales disease.   NanoVoice is a micro-version of our professional nVoice Personality Profiler which uses frequency-based biomarkers within the frequencies of your voice to allow you an enlightening peek into your Secret Self. NanoVoice can help you understand and solve issues using unconscious levels of awareness. This innovative technology is the forefront of future … Read more

BioAcoustics – What the Voice Tells


State of Health revealed by voice. Sound making and sound discerning account for 30% of brain volume. It is that important. Body posture helps set presence, state of mind and being. No doubt the voice does as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haETzdgRcn4&index=43   Bioacoustics is a branch of science that deals with the study of sound production, transmission, … Read more