Why words matter Words set intention – Origin of Language & Symbol as Pure Vortex Implosion Geometry Embedded & Entangled with Dan Winter

Why words matter Words set intention


The idea that words matter because they set intention and that language and symbols are embedded with pure vortex implosion geometry is a concept that has been explored by various thinkers, including Dan Winter, a researcher in the fields of physics, psychology, and consciousness.

According to this perspective, language and symbols are not merely tools for communication but also carry energetic and vibrational qualities that can influence consciousness and reality itself. Here’s a breakdown of some key points related to this idea:

1. Intention Setting: Words are seen as more than just labels for objects or concepts; they are vehicles for intention. The intention behind the words we use can shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions, as well as the reality we experience.

2. Vortex Implosion Geometry: In this context, vortex implosion geometry refers to the idea that certain geometric patterns, particularly those related to spirals and vortices, have a fundamental role in the structure and dynamics of the universe. These patterns are believed to represent the flow of energy and information.

3. Embedded and Entangled Symbols: Language and symbols are viewed as containing embedded geometric patterns and energetic signatures that interact with consciousness. These symbols are not only carriers of meaning but also carry vibrational frequencies that can resonate with the human psyche.

4. Pure Geometry: The term “pure geometry” suggests that there is an inherent order and harmony in the geometric forms found in language and symbols. According to this perspective, these geometric forms reflect universal principles and archetypal patterns that underlie creation.

Dan Winter and others who explore similar concepts often draw from diverse fields such as physics, mathematics, psychology, and spirituality to develop their theories. While these ideas may not always align with mainstream scientific views, they offer intriguing insights into the relationship between language, consciousness, and the fabric of reality.

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