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Voice telltales disease.


NanoVoice is a micro-version of our professional nVoice Personality Profiler which uses frequency-based biomarkers within the frequencies of your voice to allow you an enlightening peek into your Secret Self.

NanoVoice can help you understand and solve issues using unconscious levels of awareness. This innovative technology is the forefront of future wellness based on personal biofrequency correlations to emotional, genetic, structural and biochemical information about YOU.

The principles of sound based therapies originate with the concept that the brain perceives and generates impulse patterns that can be measured as brain-wave frequencies. These are delivered to the body by way of nerve pathways. The theory incorporates the assumption that these frequency impulses serve as directives that sustain structural integrity and emotional equilibrium.

When these patterns are disrupted, the body seeks to reveal the imbalance by manifesting symptoms that can be interpreted as symptoms of disease and stress. Tapping into these self-healing biological pathways from brain to neuron cell has long been a goal of scientific medical investigations as an approach to provide and promote optimal health.



nanoVoice is a software program developed by Sharry Edwards, an American researcher known for her work in the field of bioacoustics. The program is designed to analyze the frequencies present in a person’s voice and generate a “voiceprint” or “voice profile” that can be used for various purposes, including assessing health, emotions, and personality traits.

Here are some key features and uses of nanoVoice Voice Profiling:

1. **Frequency Analysis**: nanoVoice analyzes the frequencies present in a person’s voice using advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques. It can identify specific frequency patterns associated with different physiological and psychological states.

2. **Voice Profiling**: The software generates a visual representation of the voice frequencies, often referred to as a “voiceprint” or “voice profile.” This profile can provide insights into various aspects of a person’s health, emotions, and personality characteristics.

3. **Health Assessment**: nanoVoice can be used to assess aspects of a person’s health based on the frequencies present in their voice. Some practitioners use voice profiling techniques to identify potential imbalances or abnormalities in the body and to guide health interventions.

4. **Emotional Analysis**: The software can also be used to analyze a person’s emotional state based on the frequencies present in their voice. Different emotions are associated with distinct patterns of vocal frequency modulation, which can be detected and analyzed using nanoVoice.

5. **Personal Development**: Some users utilize nanoVoice for personal development purposes, such as gaining insights into their personality traits, communication style, and emotional tendencies. By analyzing their voice profiles, individuals may identify areas for growth and self-improvement.

6. **Research and Education**: nanoVoice is also used in research and educational settings to explore the relationship between vocal frequencies and various physiological and psychological factors. It has been employed in studies examining topics such as stress, mood disorders, and vocal biomarkers.

It’s important to note that while nanoVoice may provide valuable insights and information, it is not a diagnostic tool and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or psychological assessment. Additionally, the accuracy and reliability of voice profiling techniques may vary, and results should be interpreted with caution.

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