Beatit Box – MJ

“Who needs a musical instrument when you have a voice like that” “Anyone who’s ever written a song knows that vocal scatting is a huge part of laying down initial demos for any song in any style.” === “Beat It” is a song by Michael Jackson from his album “Thriller,” released in 1982. While … Read more

John Mayer, 14 Dumble Amps   CGPT on DUMBLE AMPLIFIERS Dumble amplifiers, created by Alexander “Howard” Dumble, are among the most sought-after and expensive guitar amplifiers in the music world. Their reputation for exceptional tone, build quality, and exclusivity has made them legendary within the guitarist community. ### Background Howard Dumble began building amplifiers in the late 1960s, and … Read more

Symphony! The Inheritors Stole The Music! It Was Composed by Giants! — Martin Liedtke — Scores, Instruments, Bridges, Cannonballs, Bells   From the comments: “In a lecture about ‘millionaire raw’ on Long Island, NY. Almost all those old mansions had Organs. There are still pictures of those houses and organs in them. Later so many fires happened and many those mansions were gone with fire.” —– Martin, finally! Finally someone has brought up … Read more

The Changing Picture of Nonlinearity in Musical Instruments

A natural starting point for the study of any physical system is linearisation–leading to great simplification is terms of analysis, and also, in the computer age, to design flexibility and algorithmic simplification in simulation. The acoustics of musical instruments is no exception. One question, then, is: how much of the behaviour of a given instrument … Read more