John Mayer 14 Dumble Amps

John Mayer 14 Dumble Amps


Dumble amplifiers, created by Alexander “Howard” Dumble, are among the most sought-after and expensive guitar amplifiers in the music world. Their reputation for exceptional tone, build quality, and exclusivity has made them legendary within the guitarist community.


Howard Dumble began building amplifiers in the late 1960s, and by the 1970s, he was customizing his creations to match the specific needs of his clientele. Dumble’s approach to amplifier design is meticulous and highly personalized, leading to a very limited number of units produced. It’s estimated that fewer than 300 Dumble amplifiers exist, contributing to their mystique and high demand.


Tone: Dumble amplifiers are celebrated for their rich, complex, and dynamic tone. They are capable of producing a clean sound that is both warm and bright, as well as a distorted tone that retains clarity and depth. This versatility makes them highly coveted by professional musicians, particularly those in blues, jazz, and rock genres.

Customization: Each Dumble amplifier is tailored to the specifications of the individual musician. Dumble would often interview the musician to understand their needs and preferences, resulting in an amp that is unique to its owner’s style and requirements.

Components and Build Quality: High-quality components and meticulous craftsmanship define Dumble amplifiers. Dumble’s attention to detail in every aspect of the amplifier’s circuitry and construction ensures optimal sound quality and reliability.


Several models of Dumble amplifiers have become especially famous, including the Overdrive Special, Steel String Singer, and Dumbleland. Each model has its own characteristic sound and functionality, designed for specific musical styles and preferences.

Notable Users

Dumble amplifiers have been used by a number of renowned guitarists, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford, Carlos Santana, and Larry Carlton. These musicians’ use of Dumble amps contributed significantly to the brand’s fame and desirability.

Market and Exclusivity

Due to their limited availability, exceptional quality, and the prestige associated with owning a Dumble, prices for these amplifiers can reach well into the six figures on the secondhand market. The secrecy surrounding Dumble’s methods and the personal nature of each build add to the allure and mystique of these amplifiers.


Dumble amplifiers stand as a pinnacle of guitar amplifier design and craftsmanship. Their legendary status is a testament to Howard Dumble’s dedication to quality, customization, and the pursuit of the perfect guitar tone. For many guitarists, owning a Dumble is not just about the amplifier’s performance but also its symbolic value as a piece of music history.

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