There’s no such thing as a ‘wrong note’ in Bluegrass

Ricky Skagg’s guitarist plays a progression that includes all 12 notes, but with emphasis on the triad of G.     === Exploring “Wrong” Notes in Bluegrass Music: The Forgiving Nature of Playing All 12 Notes In the vibrant world of bluegrass music, there’s a unique relationship between notes, chords, and the freedom of … Read more

The power of focused human attention

Choice comments — “This concert was in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. There was a lot of political tension surrounding the concert. Times were changing. It was a huge crowd with 1% of the entire country in the audience. It was broadcast all throughout East Germany and represented tearing down the … Read more

Floydian weirdness at Pompeii

What was the purpose of this?  Merely to do something relatively ‘new’? It is curious the first item brought in was the gong; accompanied by gong bong sound as intro. Along with orange scent, gong sound almost uniformly sends EEG brain wave measurements off-chart high. Comments: “This has to be one of those very rare … Read more

“If it isn’t recorded, it doesn’t exist” — The One Thing Every Influential Guitar Tone Has In Common

“I love how you have created a goldmine of fantastic guitar youtube content by doing 1 simple thing no one has ever thought to do in the history of guitar youtube: Apply critical thinking skills.” “You’re the hero the guitar community didn’t want, but the hero we so desperately need.” “I’m curious about the 43 … Read more

Being real — When 50 bars of “drum solo” is 52 bars too many — the full-stymie of musical groove following inevitable devolution into full-swing drum-batting, or: Anti-Musical Foibles — Is it kind of like rock-climbing with farm equipment?

Steve Gadd: Signed, Sealed Delivered – Switzerland – 1989 #stevegadd #drumsolo #drummerworld I’m not “picking on” or singling out Steve Gadd; there are countless examples.  Gadd and many other soloists are professional masters beyond reproach.  I expect nearly no one will agree with if even understand the point I’m addressing — but I think screaming is not … Read more

Bruce Springsteen – You Never Can Tell — Leipzig 2013-0707 — Vibrance, liveliness, power

Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, known for its rock and roll prowess, also has a notable horn section that adds a distinctive layer to their sound. The inclusion of horns, particularly saxophones, has been a defining feature of their music. Clarence Clemons, the original saxophonist, was a central figure, providing iconic solos and a dynamic … Read more

Cindy Blackman Santana, drummer for Lenny Kravitz and Carlos Santana – WTOP in DC

It takes a true powerhouse to play drums for rock icons like Lenny Kravitz and Carlos Santana. Born in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1959, Blackman grew up listening to an array of funk, jazz, classical and rock ‘n roll. When her family moved to Connecticut, she studied at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford … Read more

House of the Rising Sun (Animals) Cover, Sina (drums)

A Wonderful exploration of Dynamics, Soul, Emotion, Licks, Jam, Goove, Pocket and indeed Some Kind of Mojo Channeling! — Live Performance Music how it Should Be. From the comments: “Dynamics. Power. Magic. Now THAT is emotive! VERY TASTY sizzle foot pops on the hat, from 4:26” “Please, Please more like this one. I’m an … Read more

An excellent rendition of Dire Straits’ “Sultans of Swing”

“On August 18, 2022, I had the fortune of encountering Aryeh and Gil Gat again, whom I first encountered four years prior. This time I did it right: I recorded horizontally AND I stayed to listen to over a dozen songs. ”   === “Sultans of Swing” is a song by the British rock … Read more

“There are four drummers on the Beatles music. Ringo is not one of them.” – Bernard Purdie, studio drummer   Overdubbing or Replacement? How many? Ringo Starr or Pete Best? Excellent, interesting clarifications.   From the video decription —   Research sources: Mark Lewisohn – 1: The Beatles – All These Years – Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In, Max Weinberg – The Big Beat, Gig Magazine, “Bernard Purdie: The … Read more

This popped-up – Bolero flashjam

Close exposure to live music, attainable, touchable, reachable, createable by mere mortals (vs the infinitude of canned “perfection” in our pocket) — this is key. From the comments: “I wonder how many tiny people became musicians that day. All it took was hearing Beethoven on a CD in 1993 to send chills up my little … Read more

Show Tunes – Eden Bahar – Drumming For Cirque Du Soleil / DRUMEO   Cirque du Soleil, French for “Circus of the Sun,” is an internationally renowned Canadian entertainment company known for redefining the circus experience. Founded in 1984 by street performers Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Cirque du Soleil transformed the traditional circus by merging circus arts with street entertainment, without the use … Read more

“Take Five” Drummer Joe Morello   Per CGPT — Joe Morello (1928–2011) was an American jazz drummer best known for his work with the Dave Brubeck Quartet during the 1950s and 1960s. He was widely regarded as one of the most technically proficient and innovative drummers in jazz history. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Morello began playing the drums at … Read more

A Look At Neil Peart’s Gear with Paul Wells

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Not to ‘pick on’ Gretsch, makers of excellent quality and sounding instruments, but this is interesting quote from Neil Peart: “…the company proved surprisingly uncooperative in regards to this [sound-off/comparison] test.” at ~47:00 into Part 2 (quoted from MODERN DRUMMER May 1987).  I wonder if Gretsch realized that … Read more

Sharing the fun   From video comments — “Way to go Dovy. Breaking through the fear and hesitation of aspiring players, giving them a comfortable stage, many for the first time ever. Now rather than run from it, this young lady will chase it!” “THIS, EXACTLY THIS, may be a real avenue “in”, loooong needed — from … Read more