EDM Festivals 2024 — Eyeballing Miami’s $1 Billion ULTRA Music Festival

EDM Festivals 2024

ULTRA Music Festival was first held on Miami Beach, but besides a tenure at Miami Bicentennial Park, and briefly being held at Virginia Key in 2019, it has primarily been held at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. It was a two-day festival from 1998 to 2006. Since 2011, Ultra has taken place across three days (Friday through Sunday) during the month of March. In 2012, it had a record attendance, of 155,000 people at the Ultra Main Stage. In 2013, the festival took place across two consecutive weekends to celebrate its 15th anniversary, with a combined attendance of 330,000 people. In 2014, the festival returned to its original single-weekend format, selling out pre-sale tickets in under five minutes. The city of Miami has estimated that since 2012, Ultra has “generated approximately $995 million of economic impact”, with $168 million in 2018 alone. The festival was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID; resumed in 2022.


EDM Festivals 2024

ultra music festival, miami — who are the event organizers? which companies are founders? which companies are sponsoring the event?

The Ultra Music Festival in Miami is organized by Ultra Worldwide, a global event production company that specializes in electronic music festivals. Ultra Music Festival was founded by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes.

As for the sponsors of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, they can vary from year to year. Some of the past sponsors and partners of Ultra Music Festival have included major brands such as Heineken, 7UP, Corona, Red Bull, SiriusXM, T-Mobile, and many others. These sponsors often contribute to the event’s production, marketing, and overall experience for attendees. However, it’s essential to note that sponsorship details can change annually, so it’s best to refer to the official Ultra Music Festival website or announcements for the most up-to-date information on sponsors and partners for a specific year.

— who is Russell Faibisch?

Russell Faibisch is one of the co-founders of the Ultra Music Festival. Alongside Alex Omes, Faibisch played a pivotal role in establishing and growing the festival into one of the largest and most renowned electronic music events globally. Faibisch’s background includes a passion for electronic music and event organization, which he combined with entrepreneurial spirit to create Ultra Music Festival. Over the years, Faibisch has been instrumental in shaping the festival’s direction and expanding its reach to various cities worldwide, making it a cornerstone event in the electronic dance music scene.

— who is Alex Omes?

Alex Omes, also known as Alex Omes Jr., was one of the co-founders of the Ultra Music Festival along with Russell Faibisch. Omes was a prominent figure in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene and played a crucial role in establishing Ultra Music Festival as one of the premier EDM events globally.

Omes had a deep passion for electronic music and was dedicated to creating memorable experiences for music enthusiasts. His vision, along with Faibisch’s expertise in event organization, helped shape Ultra Music Festival into a massive success.

Tragically, Alex Omes passed away in 2015. However, his contributions to the EDM community and the legacy of Ultra Music Festival continue to inspire and influence the electronic music scene worldwide.

— Deeply examine “Ultra Worldwide”, the global event production company. How is it organized? Are there any ties to military intelligence, either via employees, owners or parent or sponsoring companies?

Ultra Worldwide is a global event production company known for organizing electronic music festivals, with the Ultra Music Festival in Miami being one of its flagship events. As of my last update in January 2022, there is no publicly available information suggesting any ties between Ultra Worldwide or its affiliated companies and military intelligence.

Let’s delve deeper into Ultra Worldwide’s organization and structure:

Organizational Structure:

  1. Leadership and Management:
  • Ultra Worldwide is led by executives and management teams responsible for overseeing the company’s operations, event planning, marketing, and partnerships.
  • Key individuals such as Russell Faibisch and other senior executives play significant roles in shaping the company’s strategy and direction.
  1. Event Teams:
  • Ultra Worldwide has dedicated event teams responsible for organizing and executing music festivals and events across various locations globally.
  • These teams handle logistics, venue coordination, artist management, production, and attendee experience.
  1. Business Development and Partnerships:
  • The company’s business development division focuses on establishing partnerships with sponsors, vendors, artists, and local authorities to ensure successful events.
  • Partnerships with brands and sponsors contribute to the financial sustainability of Ultra Worldwide’s operations.

Industry Presence:

  1. Global Reach:
  • Ultra Worldwide has a strong global presence, organizing events in cities around the world, including Miami, Ibiza, Singapore, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and many others.
  • The company’s international expansion has solidified its position as a leading organizer of electronic music festivals on a global scale.
  1. Brand Recognition:
  • Ultra Music Festival and other Ultra-branded events are highly recognized and respected within the electronic music community.
  • The brand’s reputation for delivering high-quality productions and showcasing top-tier artists has contributed to its popularity and success.

Military Intelligence Ties:

There is no publicly available information or evidence suggesting any direct ties between Ultra Worldwide, its employees, owners, parent companies, or sponsoring companies, and military intelligence. Ultra Worldwide primarily operates in the entertainment and event production industry, focusing on music festivals and related activities.


Contrast to the odd anonymity seemingly surrounding Chicago’s ARC EDM Music Festival — https://soundquality.org/2024/03/chicagos-arc-music-festival/

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