Analog to Digital and Back Again — “Debunking” the Digital Audio Myth: The Truth About the ‘Stair-Step’ Effect — Or does phase and transient response in fact matter to fidelity?

“Isn’t insisting ‘no audible difference between analog and digital’ exactly the same thing as claiming there is no audible difference between a fretless bass and a fretted bass, when hearing both through pillow over ears, earplugs in, or head in sand?” — A higher sample-rate should result in a more accurate capture and reproduction of … Read more

“A lot of us came to this business because of sound quality…” – Bernie Grundman

~ 16:50 into Steely Dan Aja UHQR w/ Fagen, Grundman, Schnee, Kassem, Kaplan: Discuss Recording and Reissue CHAIRMAN AT THE BOARD book on Amazon The album “Aja” by Steely Dan is widely regarded as a landmark album in the realm of jazz-rock and fusion music. Released in 1977, “Aja” represents a high point in … Read more

Thomas Sheridan – Spectral Sounds: Hauntology and Music     Thomas Sheridan is an Irish author, artist, and researcher known for his work in the fields of psychology, sociology, and occultism. He has written extensively on topics such as psychopathy, social engineering, and the manipulation of human consciousness. While I cannot provide specific details about his work on “Spectral Sounds: Hauntology and … Read more