How Noise Improves Computing (and digitized audio)   The Surprising Power of Noise: How Ambient Sounds Improve Computing In the world of computing, silence is often prized. Quiet environments are thought to be ideal for concentration and productivity. However, recent research and practical applications are challenging this notion. It turns out that noise, specifically ambient sounds, can have a significant … Read more

Analog to Digital and Back Again — “Debunking” the Digital Audio Myth: The Truth About the ‘Stair-Step’ Effect — Or does phase and transient response in fact matter to fidelity?

“Isn’t insisting ‘no audible difference between analog and digital’ exactly the same thing as claiming there is no audible difference between a fretless bass and a fretted bass, when hearing both through pillow over ears, earplugs in, or head in sand?” — A higher sample-rate should result in a more accurate capture and reproduction of … Read more

Saved by Scott Nixon’s Tube DAC

$500 tube DAC with optical input to the rescue. We were recently forced (by purchasing a microwave-poisonous TV without analog RCA outputs!) to find a decent, plain DAC to convert the TV’s S/PDIF TOSLINK optical uncompressed stereo interleaved digital PCM into plain-jane, unbalanced RCA analog outputs – in a device preferably having a simple, analog volume control … Read more