ORIGINAL PURPOSE OF THE PYRAMIDS — The Only Theory to address all aspects of all pyramids — summary 2023-05

“…I’ll keep an open mind if a better explanation comes along, but your explanation is the best of ANY I’ve heard so far. It answers so many of the questionable things that never added up with the others. It just has the ring of truth.” — comment from episode 61


The “ring of truth” is off the charts with this video, the “of course!” strikes starting off resoundingly and only intensifying as the video plays.  Every aspect of all pyramids and all mystique surrounding them is all fully explained.  Author has a book and youtube channel with many dozens of in-person, investigative, explanatory videos.

No other theory answers all aspects of all pyramids.  They were industrial chemical factories.  Fertilizer.  Cosmetics.  Materials production.  Methane gas for lighting.  Ammonia (Salt of Ammun).  Cattle.  Dung beetles.

PYRAMID means “fire inside” — so, literally, even the word entymology is found to jiva with exothermic reactions happening at very high temperatures, by design, within the chemical apparati that are the pyramids.

“Great Pyramid of Giza was designed to produce a dilute solution of sulphuric acid.” — 1:33 into Episode 61 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNT5ljDGH8M


Interview with Geoff Drumm:


THE LAND OF CHEM by Geoff Drumm



Episode 61 — Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza




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