Bernard Purdie Interview Steely Dan Aretha Franklin and Purdie Shuffle

Bernard Purdie Interview Steely Dan Aretha Franklin and Purdie Shuffle

Great comment: “So So refreshing, the slop, NO CLICK TRACK, totally human space, air, feel, slosh, groove. “

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is a highly acclaimed American drummer known for his influential contributions to popular music, particularly in the genres of funk, soul, jazz, and rock. He is renowned for his distinctive groove, impeccable timing, and innovative drumming techniques. Here are some key points about Bernard Purdie:

1. Signature Groove: Bernard Purdie is known for his signature shuffle groove, often referred to as the “Purdie Shuffle.” This rhythmic pattern, characterized by a distinctive triplet feel and a unique placement of accents, has become synonymous with Purdie’s style and is widely emulated by drummers around the world.

2. Session Musician: Purdie has had a prolific career as a session musician, recording and performing with a diverse array of artists across various genres. He has contributed to numerous hit recordings and albums, playing with iconic artists such as Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Steely Dan, King Curtis, Quincy Jones, and many others.

3. Studio Work: Purdie’s drumming can be heard on countless recordings from the 1960s to the present day. His versatile playing style and ability to adapt to different musical contexts have made him a sought-after studio drummer, earning him the nickname “the world’s most recorded drummer.”

4. Innovative Techniques: Purdie is known for his mastery of various drumming techniques, including ghost notes, hi-hat barks, and intricate kick drum patterns. He has developed his own approach to funk and soul drumming, incorporating elements of jazz and R&B into his playing.

5. Teaching and Education: In addition to his performing career, Purdie is also an accomplished educator and clinician. He has conducted drumming workshops and masterclasses around the world, sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring drummers and music enthusiasts.

6. Legacy and Influence: Bernard Purdie’s contributions to popular music have had a lasting impact on drumming and rhythm in contemporary music. His distinctive groove and innovative techniques have influenced generations of drummers and musicians across a wide range of genres.

Overall, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is a legendary figure in the world of drumming, revered for his unparalleled skill, musicality, and contributions to popular music. His legacy continues to inspire and influence drummers and music lovers around the world.

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