We are made stupider by the shortening of songs — A Warning On the Future of Music: with Author Ted Gioia

Songs shrunken and dumbed-down — 3 minutes is far too short to allow your mindset to become altered.  THE LENGTH MATTERS.


“Really the most important people in music now are the CEO of Apple, the CEO of Google, the CEO of Spotify…none of them are from a music background…People [who] do not genuinely love [and understand, appreciate] music…are making decisions about what everyone is going to hear, based on profit maximization.” — 25:30 in  — This may explain the ‘fake artists’ situation and also the ever declining royalty situation…people don’t love music the way they used to [because we are all being abused by the profit motive driving music].

“There is great [new] music out there, but it is never coming from [any] major label; it’s always self-produced.” — 32:00 in

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