Mind Control and Magick In The Corporate Music Industry – Mark Devlin

Mind Control and Magick In The Corporate Music Industry


Mark Devlin is a British author, DJ, and public speaker known for his work in exploring hidden agendas and esoteric symbolism in the entertainment industry, particularly within the music business. He has written extensively on topics such as mind control, occult symbolism, and the influence of secret societies in the corporate music industry.

In his presentations and writings, Devlin discusses how various aspects of popular culture, including music, movies, and television, are used as tools for psychological manipulation and social engineering. He delves into the use of subliminal messages, symbolism, and ritualistic imagery to influence mass consciousness and promote certain agendas.

Regarding mind control, Devlin explores how techniques derived from psychological warfare and behavioral psychology are employed to shape public opinion and control individual behavior. He suggests that mainstream media, including the music industry, are complicit in disseminating propaganda and conditioning the masses to conform to certain ideologies and belief systems.

Devlin also delves into the role of occult symbolism and magick in the corporate music industry, suggesting that esoteric knowledge and rituals are employed by industry insiders to exert control and influence over artists and audiences. He argues that certain symbols and rituals are used to convey hidden messages and manipulate subconscious desires, ultimately serving the interests of a secretive global elite.

Overall, Mark Devlin’s work sheds light on the darker aspects of the entertainment industry and raises questions about the true motives behind mainstream media and popular culture. While some of his ideas may be controversial and speculative, his insights contribute to ongoing discussions about the influence of media on society and the potential for hidden agendas to shape public perception and behavior.

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