Demystifying Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music – Mark Devlin UnSpun 077

Demystifying Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music

“The toxification of Hip-Hop…” — Mark Devlin, 42:50 in

Mark Devlin is a British DJ, author, and public speaker known for his work in electronic dance music (EDM) culture and his exploration of the hidden aspects of the music industry. He is particularly known for his research and writings on the connections between music, consciousness, and the occult.

Devlin has written several books that delve into these topics, including “Musical Truth” and “Musical Truth 2,” which examine the dark and occult influences within the music industry and popular culture. He explores themes such as mind control, symbolism, and the manipulation of consciousness through music and media.

In addition to his writings, Devlin is an experienced DJ and music journalist who has been involved in the EDM scene for many years. He has performed at clubs and festivals around the world, showcasing his passion for electronic music and its transformative power.

Through his work, Mark Devlin aims to raise awareness about the deeper layers of meaning and influence embedded within popular music, particularly within the realm of electronic dance music. He encourages listeners to critically examine the messages and symbols present in music and media, and to become more conscious consumers of entertainment.

Overall, Mark Devlin is a prominent figure in the realm of electronic dance music culture, known for his thought-provoking insights and analysis of the hidden forces at play within the music industry. His work challenges listeners to look beyond the surface of popular culture and explore the deeper layers of meaning and influence within music and media.

Jan Irvin / Logos Media / Gnostic Media

Demystifying Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music

Jan Irvin: 19:52 in “Do you like THE POLICE?  So I pull up the brain database and show Stewart Copeland [drummer] [and father] Miles Copeland, right into the CIA.  [People] just don’t want to hear it; they just can’t even fathom that [entertainment is controlled, manipulated, weaponized against them at all levels].”

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