Road Rage – Beyond outrageous: Surprise armed assault and theft by unidentifying plainclothes cop – Or, why to not have your bike helmet music blasting and pay attention to surroundings even while stopped   Title: Unraveling the Controversy: Richard Rowe, Police Officer in Florida, Accosts Motorcyclist with Gun Drawn In recent news, a video surfaced depicting a concerning incident involving Richard Rowe, a police officer in Florida, who accosted a motorcyclist with a gun drawn during a routine traffic stop. This incident has sparked controversy and … Read more

Language, Words & “Fake News” not new, been used for hundreds of years to justify censorship – Truthstream Media

“The State trying to be the arbiter of truth and using “Fake News” to shut down dissent goes back centuries, and its something America’s very existence is based upon fighting against. Nothing we’re seeing now is new, people just don’t know enough history to realize it.”   Socrates was condemned for “corrupting the … Read more

10 Famous lawsuits in music history

“ queen took 50 percent , suge took 60 percent … I fuckin owe money when that shit gets played “ – uncle vanny   Another   Future Spiderman theme song —     CGPT Certainly! Here are 10 famous lawsuits in music history: 1. **George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” Plagiarism Lawsuit … Read more

Removing, restricting right to travel — California Hassling Classic Car Owners   Lehto’s Law youtube channel   from the comments —   “We have this in Europe. It’s to the point that cars that are 15 years old can’t go within city centers. I live in a country where buying a new car is similar to putting down a huge down payment for a house … Read more

Not claiming This is True, but it’s definitely an interesting viewpoint — Upon Inversion, Everything Suddenly Appears Refreshingly Sensible

The Powers That Shouldn’t Be constantly seek to pervert and invert perception. Therefore, inverting perception –presumably — reverts closer to if not exactly to original reality, before Their corruption/inversion.  Insanity and Incompetence suddenly make sense. This video does just that — “CIA AGENT ADMITS HIP HOP WAS A PSY-OP DESIGNED TO CORRUPT THE YOUTH AND … Read more